The Belfry Hotel & Resort


The Belfry Hotel & Resort, a world-class resort in North Warwickshire, is renowned for its leisure and golf facilities. Hosting prestigious events like the Betfred British Masters and the Ryder Cup, it offers over 300 hotel rooms, multiple bars and restaurants, a leisure club, and a globally revered spa.


Despite its reputation and extensive facilities, The Belfry faced challenges in delivering a unified guest experience across its various services - particularly the spa. They needed a business software system that could integrate with their existing hotel software, OPERA, and manage the complexities of their diverse offerings efficiently.


The Spa at The Belfry implemented our EMS, a versatile management system designed to integrate seamlessly with their existing OPERA system. The system's capabilities span across booking reservations, spa packages, financial reporting, and marketing, with the flexibility to adapt to new treatments and trends. This platform was also seamlessly integrated with the spa module of our ecommerce platform.


Complete control

Our EMS's integration with OPERA and our ecommerce platform's spa module significantly improved the booking and guest experience. The system's comprehensive reporting function allowed for better control and management of all spa activities, leading to more efficient use of resources and enhanced package offerings. This integration also streamlined revenue management, eliminating the need for guests to book and pay on separate systems. The reporting function enables the spa to easily monitor and control everything it provides. There is a report for every area of the business, from managing budgets and diaries to utilising the data to create and sell more packages and utilise the spa at all times.

A transformation

The addition of our ecommerce platform's spa module transformed the guest booking experience and elevated it to a luxurious conversion-optimised design, with effortless up-sell and cross-sell functionality. Through this combination, The Belfry has seen significant rises in direct spa bookings, upsells and multi-basket orders, but also streamlined their operations so they can focus on the guests' experience.

Don’t take our word for it

“Journey’s EMS just makes everything simple. From its integration with OPERA to increasing bookings and availability through the ecommerce platform. The support team are fantastic. If we ever encounter a problem, they are just a phone call away and are quick to respond, which is essential in a fast-paced environment where the guest experience is the key to our fantastic reputation.”
Review by Julie Chambers Spa Manager at The Belfry
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