Grantley Hall


Grantley Hall is a uniquely luxurious hotel that effortlessly combines the qualities of a countryside retreat, a luxurious resort, a wellness sanctuary, and a gourmet haven. With three distinctive restaurants, a tranquil spa, and even a vibrant nightclub, it offers a diverse range of high-end experiences. While its opulent interiors could easily be mistaken for a Mayfair members' club, Grantley Hall remains firmly grounded in its Yorkshire heritage - evident through meticulous restoration, a locally-inspired 'Taste of Home' menu curated by Shaun Rankin, and a warm and welcoming atmosphere.


Grantley Hall needed a partner who not only understood the essence of the brand but reflected it in the way customers purchased and redeemed gift vouchers. Journey emerged as the perfect solution to enhance their gift voucher offering, through a user-friendly sales portal and insightful guidance.


+ 35 %
Promotional revenue
+ 831 %


A premium experience

Grantley Hall's collaboration with Journey was driven by the shared commitment to delivering a premium guest experience. The partnership began with a deep understanding of the luxury essence of Grantley Hall, which laid the foundation for their gift voucher strategy.

Our ecommerce platform provided Grantley Hall with a seamless and user-friendly sales portal designed to align with the luxury brand's identity, making it effortless for customers to browse and purchase gift vouchers. The user experience was refined to ensure that every interaction with the portal reflected the opulence and exclusivity associated with Grantley Hall.

A varied offering

Variety was identified as a key element in enhancing Grantley Hall's gift voucher offerings, and we advised on the creation of a diverse range of interesting voucher experiences that resonated with their customers. Additionally, monetary vouchers were introduced, giving customers the flexibility to tailor their gifts to their preferences.

Luxurious packaging

Recognising the importance of presentation in luxury hospitality, Journey advised Grantley Hall on premium packaging options for their gift vouchers. These elegant packages elevated the overall gifting experience, reinforcing the notion of luxury.

Through this partnership, Grantley Hall not only elevated its gift voucher experience but also witnessed significant growth in its voucher business. Aligning the purchase process with the luxury brand's identity, diverse experience offerings, and personalised guidance contributed to this remarkable success.

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