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PoB Hotels was formed in 1982 by a small group of British hoteliers. Since then has grown to proudly represent over 50 city-based, countryside and coastal hotels dotted all over the British Isles. PoB came to us to develop their digital brand and create their new website, before moving on to accelerate their digital marketing.


The challenge was simply to move with the times. Keen to move on from its reputation as a traditional consortium, PoB wanted character, to celebrate British hospitality, and present its curated collection in a new, invigorated way while creating more reach and conversion for its members.


We created a clear purpose for PoB, one that would cement everything it does from how it looks and sounds, to how guests interact with the collection. For the website, we created a balance of interactivity and information, with the collection being the hero. This website was all about discovery with the additional ability to book directly in the individual hotel’s booking engine to drive direct bookings for the members.


+ 24 %
Increase in traffic
+ 416 %
New users
+ 650 k


Positioning for success

We placed a strong emphasis on individuality, celebrating the unique character of the hotels while also setting PoB apart from other consortiums in the hospitality industry. Through our commitment to showcasing British hospitality in a fresh and innovative way, we aimed to redefine the concept of luxury and reach a wider audience. To achieve this, we prioritised providing effortless access to information and ensured an intuitive user experience that empowered guests to embark on their new and exciting experiences with ease.

Creating a unique language

Creating a cohesive brand language with over 50 independent hotels is no mean feat. After a series of internal workshops, we developed a design system that meant each hotel has its own door motif, combined with a colour palette that celebrates the British Isles. We also crafted a series of collages based on experiences to add texture to the brand, allowing us to showcase experiences uniquely.

Digital Marketing

Inspiring digital campaigns

Working with PoB was a connected experience between the in-house marketing team, PR agency and our strategists. We worked to create campaigns that celebrated the collections of hotels, digital functionality such as the trip planner and increased exposure of the consortium. We implemented a comprehensive strategy, combining ongoing brand-focused campaigns with targeted promotional activities. This approach ensured a balance between raising awareness and driving conversions, and enhancing direct revenue when necessary.


Gifts for everyone

Our gift voucher platform was adapted to the needs of PoB. Because of the collection, we had to make vouchers that were redeemable in every hotel, with the ability to check balances online with physical and digital fulfilment. We also initiated marketing campaigns to boost sales at various stages of the year, such as Black Friday and Christmas.

Don’t take our word for it

“This partnership with Journey supports our aspirations to amplify our digital presence and increase brand awareness. We aren’t just working on the aesthetics and functionality of our new website but also content that will inspire and resonate with our audience.”
Review by Kalindi Juneja CEO at PoB Hotels
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