Lough Erne


Lough Erne Resort, nestled in the heart of Northern Ireland, stands as a beacon of luxury and tranquillity across its 600-acre peninsula. With a commitment to offering an authentic experience, the resort boasts a fusion of Thai Spa culture and Irish hospitality, making it a sought-after destination for travellers worldwide.


Before integrating Journey's ecommerce platform and experience management system, Lough Erne faced several challenges. The spa, renowned for its Thai-inspired treatments, struggled with manual booking processes, high call volumes, and limited guest visibility into availability. Also, the resort aimed to enhance its digital presence and streamline operations for guests to increase satisfaction and revenue. 

As for our website and brand services, the team wanted to completely transform their brand and also increase website traffic and revenue for the resort as a whole, without paying high commissions to third-party booking sites.


Lough Erne embraced Journey's solutions to improve its operations and guest experiences at each touchpoint. By utilising Journey's ecommerce platform and experience management system, the resort aimed to achieve optimised booking experiences, enhanced guest satisfaction, and improved operational efficiency. Leveraging Journey's brand and website services led to a complete transformation in their online presence, whilst offering a seamless user journey throughout each digital touchpoint. 


+ 30 %
Call/email volume
- 30 %
Mobile transactions
+ 70 %


A world apart

Lough Erne is more than a resort. It is a world of connected sensory experiences, and the main aim for the brand was to bring all facets of the resort together as a cohesive destination.

A balance between luxury and emotion was created. Roots, place and energy are the key pillars of the brand philosophy as these are central to the experience of a stay at Lough Erne.


A natural environment online

Recognising the significance of their diverse range of offerings, we placed a priority on optimising the website navigation. We crafted a user experience that struck a harmony between exploration and conversion. 

Our primary objective was to bring to life the experience and landscape through the online experience, employing visual elements and animations to infuse it with a natural rhythm for immersive exploration. The aim was to evolve the site from a purely transactional platform into one that uncovered exploration and desire.


A seamless experience

Implementation of Journey's technology at Lough Erne Resort has resulted in both happier guests and staff. Guests have access to real-time availability and can enjoy streamlined booking processes, which, as a result, reduced call and email volume by 30%. There was a 30% increase in transactions and enhanced marketing campaign performance. Online interaction surged, with 70% of guests engaging through mobile devices. Efficiency gains were clear as operations were streamlined, reducing manual tasks and allowing staff to prioritise delivering exceptional guest experiences. Lough Erne's performance surpassed industry benchmarks, boasting a remarkable 6% conversion rate on spa bookings.

Don’t take our word for it

““Guests are saying they love the convenience of a holiday wallet, enabling them to add that extra cocktail, or extra spa treatment to their basket in one transaction. With 24% of guests adding two or more items to their basket, we are witnessing substantial growth in booking value.””
Review by Jonathan Gallagher Director of Marketing at Lough Erne Resort
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