The Londoner


The Londoner is a five-star hotel on the corner of the much-loved Leicester Square. It's also home to their wellness space, The Retreat. Guests can relax on poolside cabanas, work out at the gym, or unwind with one of their handpicked selection of treatments.


The Londoner has used our EMS for over eight years to seamlessly book guests in the spa, from treatments to packages and more. With the ability to add therapists, make client profiles, add gym memberships, monitor regular clients and take direct debits. After the success of Journey's EMS, The Londoner wanted a solution for improving the booking experience for the guest, too.


The Londoner has now seen incredible results with the addition of Journey's ecommerce platform, which integrates seamlessly with our EMS. Not only does the appearance offer a seamless shopping window, but it's also a lot easier to work with. Users can easily browse on mobile and desktop, add extras to their spa days, and check out in just a few clicks. This can easily be backed by their increase in revenue since joining Journey's ecommerce platform, with 50+ additional bookings a month.

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