How to win the World Cup… of AdWords for Hotels

Monday 25th June 2018


How do you win the World Cup? A topical question that’s been asked by 32 nations this summer. What we can’t tell you is how to get your hands on the Jules Rimet, but we can tell you how to turn your AdWords account into one worthy of winning the sporting prize!


You need tactics. You don’t just build an AdWords account willy nilly – it needs a bit of time, a careful and strategic thought process, and a clear vision for execution whatever the goals or KPIs may be. Research research, research… plan twice and build once! Gareth Southgate didn’t just turn up to Russia and send the team out, did he?


Find a formation that works for you, don’t copy or imitate others. Build your account with a structure in mind that will be easy to manage, optimise, and maintain results once success has been achieved.

3-5-2 is the go-to formation for the Football World Cup this summer, here are our preferred Google AdWords formations:

  • Themes – Brand, Discovery, Supplementary, Retention
    • Organise your campaigns into clear groups with associated KPIs
  • 10 keywords per ad group – Group keywords into Ad Groups within campaigns. This way you’ll achieve a better quality score and could even end up paying less for your clicks than you used to!
  • Defence – Use retargeting as your method of defence. Send users a specific message to entice them back to your site. Don’t let them slip through the net.
  • Midfield – Use broader keywords with an intention of keeping your account flowing… the playmaker of the account! Attribution modelling and assisted conversions are perfect for monitoring the success of these types of campaigns. Jordan Henderson won’t get Harry Kane’s conversion, but he’ll be sure to have assisted the end product.
  • Attack – Use branded ads as your go-to campaigns for conversion. These are as likely to convert as Harry Kane taking a penalty.

Rotate evenly

You can’t leave all the work to one lonely text ad. Ad groups need multiple ad variations in order to test, improve, and monitor success. Don’t leave all the work to Eric Dier, the other midfielders also need to chip in! Manage multiple ads at the start, use the rotate evenly setting, and start to refine once you get enough data.

Use your bench! Ad extensions come in multiple formats now… it’s a squad game. Don’t leave text ads isolated on their own, use price extensions, callout extensions, review extensions. You never know, there could be a surprise Marcus Rashford in there ready to be unleashed, making all the difference to your account’s performance.


Use your data. Whether that be in a dashboard format, or whatever reporting system you need. Use data as your hardcore fans, supporting you in every decision you make. Without them your account would fall flat on its face.
“If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it”

Different countries, different tactics

There’s no ‘one size fits all’ approach to a successful AdWords account and associated campaigns. If you need to target the USA, tailor your settings, terminology, and adverts accordingly. If you’re targeting other languages, make sure you get your ads translated properly including all the subtle cultural differences and colloquialisms. Would you use the same tactics against Belgium that you’d use against Panama? Be creative and certain with your targeting. Be more Gareth.


Shout about your success. Yes AdWords accounts are billed on a cost per click basis, so you are paying for traffic. However, this could be invaluable for businesses. Use return on investment and cost of sale as key metrics to measure success. Whereas with Display campaigns, look at assisted conversions, as well as impressions and engagement. Different campaigns, different KPIs, still the same outcome. Success comes in many different forms.

For more information on how to get the best out of your AdWords account, contact us today on 01242 682050 so we can start helping you drive results for your business.

Hopefully I won’t be the only Kane celebrating success come the end of the summer…