What Are Assisted Conversions and How Can They Help My Hotel?

Wednesday 15th November 2017


Calculating return on investment solely from your AdWords platform can be a difficult job at times. This is because most attribution models within Google Analytics are setup to track last-click conversions.

This means that Google will only attribute the conversion and accompanying monetary value to the source of the last-click. For example, even if a user clicks on a paid ad, leaves, and then returns via an organic search, the organic channel will get the recognition for the conversion and ultimately the revenue.

By using click and impression assisted metrics, you can now attribute some of the value of the AdWords campaigns to actual revenue when instances like this take place. This not only gives you greater transparency but also helps you understand which marketing efforts are most effective. Please see our definitions below:

Revenue Generated – The amount of revenue that is directly attributed to AdWords. A user would need to click an AdWords ad and then book immediately without leaving the website for their revenue to be attributed here.
Click Assisted Revenue – Revenue generated when a user clicks on an AdWords ad, visits the website, leaves, and books at a later date.
Impression Assisted Revenue – Revenue generated when a user is exposed to an AdWords ad yet does not click it, but still does make a booking via a different channel source.

These reporting metrics simply help to analyse which marketing efforts are truly working, instead of offering linear results when viewing ROI. This also helps you to move away from the “I have spent this much, how much did I get back?” philosophy. In digital marketing for hotels and resorts, this is essential to make sure you’re not pausing or removing campaigns that may be working in the overall picture of the digital marketing performance.

For more information on assisted conversions and how we can revolutionise your hotel digital marketing reporting, please speak to Kane Wheatley, Head of Digital Marketing on 01242 682050.