How Video Sessions Can Help You Get The ‘Full Story’ Of Your Website

Friday 8th June 2018


Want to find out the truth behind what’s happening on your website? From user journeys to rage clicks, here’s how you can get the full story behind your users’ behaviour using FullStory video sessions.

What are video sessions?

Video sessions are recreated videos of how actual users travel through your website and interact with your content. We use the tool FullStory to watch these video sessions to get a more rounded picture of how a website is performing.

Why are video sessions important?

Traditional analytics tools, such as Google Analytics, reduce behaviours into numbers, providing a useful overview of what is happening on your website. They allow you to see where people are spending most of their time and where they are dropping off. However, these traditional analytics don’t provide any further insight into why these users are lingering on specific pages or leaving a site.

This is where video sessions come in, as they can help provide the context. By offering more detailed insights into user behaviour, they can provide answers to common questions such as ‘why is the exit rate so high on the accommodation page?’ and, in turn, can help your team to find a solution.

How have we been using video sessions?

We look at average bounce and exit rates and identify pages that have higher than average rates. Using FullStory, we can then watch sessions of users on these specific pages to and discover an explanation for these higher rates, or identify any bugs that could be frustrating users.

We also look at a website’s user flow and, using Google Analytics, track a user’s entire journey and see where they drop off. We can then recreate these user journeys in FullStory to help find out why they left the site:

    1. Was something not working?
    2. Were they looking for content that wasn’t there?
    3. Had they found what they were looking for?

FullStory also has pre-built segments to show where the most frustration events (such as mouse thrashing or rage clicking) have taken place. This is a quick way of identifying if there any potential bugs on the site or if any content has been misinterpreted by users.

With FullStory, we can filter and watch user journeys on specific browsers or devices. This enables us to see how the user journeys differ on mobile and on different devices, and helps us to look at ways of improving user experience overall.

How have FullStory video sessions played a direct role in site optimisations?

By adopting this new strategy and using video sessions in addition to traditional analytics, we’ve been able to optimise our client’s websites in four key ways:

1. Video sessions have enabled us to ensure our sites perform as well as they possibly can by fixing any user experience issues  that could not have been identified otherwise.

2. We have made our sites more mobile optimised by identifying and fixing features on site that work perfectly on desktop, but may not translate as well on mobile.

3. We have been able to optimise our menus by watching how users navigate different types of menu and identify where there is potential for confusion.

4. We have identified gaps in content where users seem to be searching for information that was previously not thought to be necessary and incorporated this within the site.

For more information on how we use video sessions and how they can help your business, please feel free to get in touch!