How to Look Good on Social Media: Top 7 Free Image Sites

Wednesday 28th November 2018


If you want to look good on social media, having a bank of high quality imagery is vital, and did you know that using the right imagery will not only strengthen your brand but can increase followers and engagement, and even help you to connect with influencers?

Finding high quality, authentic images to inspire your followers can be difficult, particularly if you’re on a budget. The great news is there are some sites that will enable you to download and use imagery for free – and using these sites instead of traditional stock images can also have several benefits for your social media strategy.

Here are our top sites for sourcing free images for social media.


Unsplash features hundreds of high quality photographs that are uploaded by a growing community of photographers. You’ll find everything from beautifully-shot landscapes to natural-looking portraits.

You can download and use the images however you like, free of charge, and you don’t even need to credit the photographer. However, including a brief link to their profile can be a great way to increase your reach as the photographer may even share your post with their own following.

To credit the photographer, simply add their name and a link to their profile to the post description, e.g. Photo by Linh Nguyen on Unsplash.


Pixabay also features a great variety of photography that is perfect for blogs and social media posts. The site offers a wide range of illustrations, vector graphics, and videos, all of which are free to download. You can filter your image search by size, orientation, and category so you can quickly find what you’re looking for.


Similarly to Unsplash, Pexels is a great place to source authentic, high quality photography, while their sister site, Pexels Videos, features a library of free stock videos.

The images are added by a community of photographers and are clearly tagged by subject, colour, and even camera type to help simplify your search. The colour filter is particularly handy if you’re looking for images to complement your brand or want to run with a particular colour scheme throughout your Instagram posts.

Similarly to Unsplash, crediting the photographer can be a great way to build an influencer network and increase the chances of more people seeing your posts.


Burst features collections of beautiful, stylish photography, and is a great place to look for natural-looking lifestyle images or high quality shots of nature and landscapes. All images are free to download, however, you’ll need to enter your email address if you want to download the high resolution versions.

The site has a strong focus on businesses and features several advice articles on a wide range of topics from how to get the best out of your Facebook Ads, to specifications for cover videos. You can also sign up to receive new photos direct to your inbox which is perfect if you want a weekly dose of image inspiration.


Pikwizard features over 100,000 high quality images, 20,000 of which are completely exclusive to the site. Pikwizard is one of the best sources of free imagery featuring people, again, there’s no need to credit the source or photographer. The site also has a nifty tool called Design Wizard which enables you to customise a range of templates, including those for LinkedIn and Facebook posts, in a matter of minutes.

Instagram and Twitter

It may sound obvious, but one of the best places to find great images is on your social media channels. Many photographers and influencers use platforms such as Twitter and Instagram to showcase their work, and tapping into their network is a great way to source imagery for your own profile.

Many photographers will focus on capturing images of their local area, and finding, following and regularly sharing the content of individuals who are based near your hotel or resort is a great way showcase the surrounding area to potential guests.

You should also repost any images from guests who have recently tagged themselves at your hotel during a recent stay. Encouraging users to post about their experiences at your hotel using a specific hashtag is a great way to keep track of user-generated content, and will also encourage future guests to follow suit.

In terms of best practice, you should always ask permission to use their image before you post it and credit them in the description. But there’s a good chance that past guests or photographers will thank you for the exposure, and they may even start sharing or retweeting your posts on a regular basis!