Data Dashboards

Data Dashboards

A real time dashboard that can be customised to show exactly what data you need, whenever you need it. From how many people are currently on your site, to the exact amount of revenue generated online this morning, our Data Dashboards are tailor-made to your precise needs showing as much, and as detailed, information as you desire.

We help you make informed business decisions using insightful real time data.

Data Dashboards

We create branded dashboards that can be customised to show real time data and the figures that matter most to you and your business. Extracting data from your Google Analytics, PMS and other software tools, your dashboard can be accessed online at any time, allowing you to make informed decisions around rates and promotional activity.

  • Real time data
  • Accessible 24/7
  • Customise your data
  • Branded to your hotel
  • Make informed decisions quickly


Our purpose built data dashboards provide you with all the information you need about your brand in one place. Easily access SEO ratings, web traffic, campaign results and more in one place. You will get to know more about your guests, enabling you to tailor and tweak to suit their every need. It will also provide you with detailed information about previous campaigns, allowing you to build a strong strategy moving forward.

  • SEO ratings

  • Web traffic

  • Revenue

  • Campaign results

  • Bookings

  • Device specific

  • Flexible

  • Intuitive

  • Visitors by location

Our data dashboards have been developed to give hoteliers an instant overview to their online activity. Standard analytics can be confusing so by presenting the information in a succinct format has benefitted users by increased understanding and awareness of their hotel's performance online.

Andrew Plant, Digital Marketing Manager, Journey

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