Hotel Chat – Talk to us online

Friday 14th July 2017


As part of our ongoing efforts to improve our client experience, we have introduced a new feature to enhance our customer service called Hotel Chat.

Hotel Chat is an instant live chat platform that enables you to speak to different members of the Journey team and receive a reply instantaneously.

We have introduced this feature to improve the frequency and speed of our communications so we can provide you with real-time answers and support.

Hotel Chat lives within Lobby, our hotel marketing portal. Hotel Lobby allows you to access and manage all of your marketing and data quickly and effectively in one centralised location. To find out more about Lobby head over to our blog post here.

To activate Hotel Chat, you’ll need a Hotel Lobby login. Once in you’ll notice the Hotel Chat inside where you can find the team member you wish to talk to and send an instant message directly to them. Here are some of our client success managers that you can speak to online:

If you’re not already a Journey client, drop us a line to see how we can help you with your hotel marketing.

You can contact us by using our enquiry form or call us on +44 1242 801849.

You can also arrange a demo using our calendar booker here