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Hotel Search

The digital landscape for hotels is ever changing. We’ll help you maximise returns from your search marketing, whether paid or organic, including managing SEO, PPC and your Metasearch channels. We’ll make sure your property is best placed to capture direct bookings, and prove our worth with detailed analysis and reporting.

We generate more direct bookings for hotels.


Maximise bookings

Improving visibility sends targeted traffic to your site. But does this traffic convert efficiently? What journeys do your guests take when they get to your site? Do they navigate quickly and easily into your booking engine?

We analyse these journeys, create tests such as A/B split testing and deploy heat maps and with the data this generates, make modifications to your site so that guests are directed into your booking engine as efficiently as possible. Keeping site visitors happy, engaged and flowing naturally to the booking engine helps increase conversion, generating more room bookings for your hotel.

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  • Efficient traffic flow through your site
  • Reduce bounce rate
  • Increase booking traffic
  • Increase conversion to bookings


Extend your visibility

Paid search channels are a key tool in sending search traffic to your website. Further paid search gives your hotel brand extended visibility in search; visibility that your competitors and OTAs can take advantage of if your brand is missing.

We analyse key terms and your competitive environment to understand why potential guests will want to visit your site. We help your hotel take advantage of paid search – and ensure your hotel is found by people precisely when they’re searching for a room, restaurant or spa.

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  • Increase brand traffic
  • Reduce the effect of OTA bidding
  • Direct engaged purchasing traffic
  • Special offer visibility
  • Increase competitiveness

Analysis & reporting

Clear understanding

Understanding the return on investment from marketing spend is invaluable. We create bespoke measurement plans that include KPIs for Hotel Search clients once the analysis phase is complete. This gives a clear plan of progression and measurement that will be reported monthly.

Our reports highlight KPI performance and key website statistics so that you are able to understand week on week, month on month and year on year performance. These accurate reports clearly demonstrate your return on investment and quantify the results from digital marketing.

Enquire about analysis and reporting
  • Branded dashboard 24/7
  • Track & measure KPI performance
  • Monitor ROI
  • Understand website performance

Latest statistics

In the last 12 months we have generated


Unique visitors


Website conversion rate average increase


Over £5m generated revenue


Targeted results

If businesses want to drive traffic into their websites then their sites need to be visible on search engines. The key to visibility is that businesses need to be seen in all the places that their potential customers live and expect to see your type of business. We analyse your businesses visibility in your marketplace, analyse your direct competitors, your search competitors and the key factors that search engines use to rank sites in your search environment. This means we can then develop a bespoke strategy for your business to improve your visibility to the right search traffic and drive engaged traffic to your site.

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  • Organic rankings
  • Hotel Local Pack rankings
  • Increased competitiveness
  • Website SEO optimisation
  • Increase click-throughs


Increase engaged traffic

Hotel room prices are now available online on Trivago, Tripadvisor, Google Hotel Finder plus various other places. This means that key OTA’s are publicising your prices online and driving engaged potential customers to their sites to book.

Metasearch puts your ‘book direct’ prices next to the OTA prices, pitched correctly this will drive engaged traffic to your site. This reduces OTA reliance and the amount of commission you pay to the OTAs. Metasearch helps send potential customers to your site where your targeted content and offers develop visitors into higher spending customers

Enquire about metasearch
  • Reduce reliance on OTAs
  • Highlight direct booking Vs. OTA
  • Presence in Google Hotel Finder
  • Direct engaged purchasing traffic
  • Generate initial guest relationships

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