News | 27th February 2020

The Art of Hotel Drone Production

Our state-of-the-art drones allow us to capture unique shots and panoramas, and create films that are more stunning than ever before.

From small handheld units to specially modified 360/VR drones, our fantastic range of unmanned aerial cameras ensure we get the best results from each location. Our pilots have experience working around the world at some of the most amazing and challenging destinations.

All our pilots are fully insured, hold a drone pilot's licence, and are well versed with aviation authorities around the world.

Our top five reasons for using drone video and photography content;

1. Showcase your properties unique architecture and design

2. Provide a unique birds-eye perpective of your resort or hotel

3. Showcase a unique hotel feature

4. Provide inspiration - Wish you were here?

5. Create and build a sense of place around the local destination

Remember, not everything looks better from the air, your potential guest wants to really understand what it's like to experience your property as if they were actually there... However,  aerial drone footage can add greatly to the overall production value of your video content but like standard film production it needs careful creative consideration.

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