News | 13th March 2020

How you can tap into the latest hotel social media marketing trends to elevate your brand: Part 2

In part 2 of our social trend blog post, we discuss what you should be focussing on in 2020 to make sure you are giving your guests realtime, in-the-moment access to content and the ability to select exactly what, when and how they’re accessing this content.

If you've not read the first part of this series yet, you can find it here.

4. Invest in Influencer Marketing

Like it or loath it, Influencer marketing is still the fastest-growing online customer acquisition method as well as the most cost-effective. Some of our clients can receive up to 50 requests a day for “social media collaboration”.

While it is important to set a budget to use for influencer marketing, it is also important to ensure you have a fool-proof vetting process to make sure you choose the most relevant influencers for your brand. There is more to look for than just the number of followers that an influencer has, and the success of micro-influencers (who have a smaller following of up to 10k), has increased dramatically over the past couple of years.

The right influencers can help you to:

Improve your search ranking - Good SEO relies on high quality organic links from high authority sites. Working with influencers for blog content creation, vlogs and social media content helps you build high quality links and drive traffic to your website improve your search engine ranking and brand awareness.

Engage a new customer base - Influencers tend to have really engaged followers who trust them and want to emulate their lifestyle. Influencer marketing allows your brand to reach a loyal audience that you may not have targeted before.

Generate content - Most influencers tend to be great photographers or have a travelling companion who is great at photography. Influencers don’t just think about how to show off the setting, but how to create stand-out images that will be noticed on a busy platform.

Drive engagement - Working with influencers to run competitions or promote content related to your brand will help drive consumer engagement.

Boost credibility - Association with well-regarded influencers will help to elevate your brand as their fans trust their recommendations.

Top Tip

Plan an influencer management strategy and take control of who you want to be associated with your brand. There are plenty of tools out there to show you where traffic to your website is being referred from, and how to rate influencers based on the quality and engagement of their following.

5. Social Advertising

Organic reach is greatly declining due to changing algorithms pushing people towards paid promotions. The implementation of a paid advertising budget is crucial to a strong social media presence.

Research shows that average Facebook Ad impressions increased by 37% in 2019 which is a direct result of the increase in ads on Facebook Stories, Instagram Stories, and Facebook newsfeeds.

Social ads are also great for visibility. In a time where the whole world is on social media, paid ads can substantially increase brand awareness and market visibility.

2020 will be another year of great change for marketers and emerging trends in search-focused social will present many opportunities for hotel and resort brands.

6. Virtual Reality (VR)

In a recent Google study, two variations of the same advert were launched, one being a traditional video, the other a 360 VR-degree video. The 360 version performed with 41% more earned actions including subscribes, shares and views.

VR is not just for the web, this format can be used on your website, Facebook and YouTube.

Combine the opportunities your hotel or resort brand will have as a result of a strong social media presence with the success of 360 video, and you will see a substantial increase in post and profile engagement.

Top Tip

360 VR video helps to sell and market event spaces like no other medium and is proven to increase both revenue and bookings. Cinematic 360 VR should be central to your social media marketing strategy in 2020.