News | 27th February 2020

RevSpa – the industry leading Spa Booking Engine

RevSpa, our industry leading Spa Booking Engine, will not only increase the amount of revenue your spa generates, but will also offer the ultimate spa booking experience for your guests.

Specifically developed for spas, our conversion-led booking system will keep your spa busy and save you time and money. RevSpa is packed with features for guests and spa staff alike to facilitate the best guest facing spa booking platform in the industry.

RevSpa has a staggering 68.8% conversion rate compared to just 15% for other eCommerce sites!

From subtly upselling spa experiences, to providing live availability and pricing for your guests, RevSpa allows you to personalise your guest experiences and maximise your spa occupancy, leading to increased sales and higher than average spend. Integrated with the world’s leading spa management platforms, operational overheads are reduced giving you more time with your guests.


  • 24/7 Online Bookings & Payment
  • Treatment & Package Upgrades
  • Upselling Of Extras
  • Brand Customisation
  • Bespoke imagery and content
  • Reporting to inform your marketing
  • Marketing Functions - Promo codes/special offers/Hidden URL
  • Flexible & Auto Pricing
  • Multi-property Management
  • Real time dashboard and KPI reporting

Our own research reveals some compelling trends that will help you market your spa and drive your treatment packages and experiences online.

RevSpa Fact

Treatments lasting 55 mins have more than double the popularity of any other length treatment.

Top Tip

Adding upgrades from your shorter treatments to the hour long treatments may tempt guests to purchase the higher value treatment.

Highly recommended! Very good for guests to use and understand. Our online bookings have almost doubled now! Our spa days are bookable 24 hours a day meaning we often come in to several bookings; increasing revenue and the number of spa days we are taking at quiet times

Victoria Pette | Fairlawns Hotel & Spa