News | 4th September 2019

How tapping into the latest wellness trends can help maximise your spa revenue

Health and wellbeing is now a global phenomenon. According to The Global Wellness Summit, the industry is worth USD 4.2 trillion globally - a growth of over 12% YOY.

But with consumers flocking to try the latest beauty treatments and indulge in more personalised experiences at spas and wellness retreats, there’s a growing need for spas to find more innovative ways to stand out from the crowd and capitalise on the latest trends.

Here are just three of the biggest wellness trends that are set to shake up the spa industry and how you can use them to your advantage.

The impact of over-tourism

A key trend from the Global Wellness Summit’s “Eight Wellness Trends for 2019” is wellness taking on overtourism. Popular tourist destinations becoming overwhelmed by visitors is now the top issue for today’s travel industry, and it’s beginning to affect how people travel.

Overcrowded, polluted tourist hotspots are fast becoming places that people no longer desire to visit. A fear of missing out has been replaced by JOMO (joy of missing out), and people are now flocking to secluded retreats or seeking temporary refuge in urban wellness resorts to relax and recharge.

With this in mind, it’s important to capitalise on the location of your spa and its offering. Those visiting city centre spas are more likely to expect innovative, results-driven treatments that take a matter of minutes, while countryside retreats are more widely perceived to offer day or even weekend-long spa experiences that allow guests to truly switch off and recharge.

However, what’s most important, particularly if you’re based in an urban area or tourist hotspot, is ensuring that guests can book spa experiences quickly and easily. From searching for top restaurants to route planning, when it comes to city breaks, it’s surprising how much we rely on our smartphones. So when the time comes to checking into a spa for a little respite, a mobile-friendly online booking tool can make all the difference.

A more diverse treatment offering

Keeping up with all the latest treatments and therapies is nothing new. However, with everything from holistic treatments such as Reiki and sound massage, through to technological therapies including meditation with VR and CoolSculpting taking the industry by storm, it’s never been more important for spas to diversify their offering.

But which of these new treatments will be cast aside as fads in years to come still remains to be seen. Trends will come and go, so it’s important to use as much data as possible to determine who your audiences are and whether there will be a demand for such treatments in your spa.

Using a system which captures data around your most popular products and services is a great place to start, as it can not only inform decisions around introducing new offerings to your spa, but can help identify opportunities for up-selling and cross-selling should you choose to invest in similar holistic or more innovative treatments and therapies.

Higher Expectations

In a 2019 report by ITLM, focusing on the new generation of health and wellness travel in APAC countries, Dervla Louli, founder of Compare Retreats, states:

“Clients in APAC have very high expectations from luxury properties and are very demanding and savvy about finding the best deal. They often book last minute, are always looking for added value and benefits...[and] they often book their spa treatments in advance.”

When it comes to online shopping, we’re savvier than ever, and this now extends beyond retail to the travel marketplace. Expectations around user experience are greater than ever before - we want to be able to find and book the best deal as quickly and easily as possible.

From having a comprehensive overview of dates, availability, and special offers, to being able to easily take advantage of add-ons and upgrades, online booking systems have become infinitely valuable to today’s traveller. But that’s not all - our own data suggests they’ve become invaluable for spas too.

This year to date, as many as 20% of spa orders have gone through with an extra added at the checkout. And with each add-on averaging around £12 in value, an online spa booking system can have a huge impact on your revenue.

Want to find out more about how to maximise revenue at your spa? Take a look at the benefits of our RevSpa booking platform, or feel free to get in touch or book a demo.