News | 13th May 2020

How to Stay Socially Connected

Why your social media channels are your most effective marketing tool

Pre COVID-19 there was fear that our dependence on social media was creating a less connected world. Now, in light of social distancing, it is a life-line; our main form of keeping connections alive and the most effective way to maintain a direct channel to your target audience.

Elly Gann, our Senior Social Media Specialist says that ”Now more than ever your social media channels are your most effective marketing tool. The combination of world class content, an organic and paid social presence, delivered by expert strategic guidance are the tools to keep your brand visible.”

At Journey the Social Media Specialists and Stylists work hand-in-hand to develop social centric campaigns for our clients, to ensure content is best produced to be optimised by each channel’s specific and ever-changing algorithm.  It’s where science perfectly meets art and we just love the process.

To tell you more about this and to follow on from the huge interest in our last Instagram live session, “The Art of Social Styling”, we recorded a conversation with Jenna Elsby, Head of Social Styling and Elly Gann, our Senior Social Media Specialist on how to “ Stay Socially Connected’.  This discussion explores how the content and the strategy combine to give you an effective and market-leading approach to your social media channels, and how to create  a robust marketing strategy to make the platforms work best for you.

To view please click here and to get in touch with Elly about our comprehensive Social Media management programme, email us at and she will happily be in touch for a chat.