News | 11th September 2019

From Homestays to Hotel Breaks – How Hoteliers can Capitalise on this Trend!

Opening the Doors to Hotels and Resorts

Established as a leading provider of homestays and a popular choice for those looking for self-catering breaks they’ve announced big plans to expand their accommodation offering to include boutique bed and breakfasts, hotels and resorts. This is the beautiful Tree Lodge at Swinton Estate. They have already taken the step to widened their distribution with Airbnb. It’s proving to be a welcomed change for many hoteliers as the commission is far more attractive than the likes of the OTA giants and Expedia.

The Expectations of Experiences

As the traditional ‘package holiday’ continues to be less and less popular the requirement of unique experiences and flexibility during the booking process is key.

Once upon a time travelers favored buying everything in one easy to book bundle, however, with the emergence of millennials and travel more than ever being focused on experiences and cultural immersion it comes as no surprise that the one shoe fits all package has gone out of fashion.

“Millennials account for roughly 60% of all guests who have booked on Airbnb”. - Airbnb Demographics report, 2018.

Companies like Airbnb really embrace unique stays and emerging destinations ensuring that guests have the opportunity to customise their stay and create itineraries with accommodation, excursions, tours, trips, dining and more.

The Wanderlust of Gastronomy

Gastronomy is a large influencer in leisure tourism today and creates a desire to travel. Again with such an expectation on unique trips and the enjoyment of sharing culinary delights on social media is another tick in the box for the travelers of today.

“Over the last year, Airbnb guests spent over $6.5 billion at restaurants in 44 markets around the world” - Airbnb Newsroom, September 2017.

Airbnb have embraced this by recently launching their own restaurant recommendations complete with listings, images, reviews and more. This allows Airbnb guests to easily compare restaurants and make plans in advance of their travel - they even have a handy personalised itinerary planner where restaurants can be booked!

Airbnb has around 150 millions users covering more than 65,000 cities

Airbnb Demographics report, 2018.

Not just for the Leisure Traveller

The nature of Airbnbs offering with extended stays and group lodging is making this OTA an emerging choice for business travelers too. With all the comforts of home and flexible planning, a recent survey suggests that corporate travelers are increasingly turning to Airbnb.

Don’t Get Left Behind

With over 6 million accommodation options across nearly 200 countries and regions now’s the perfect time to consider adding Airbnb to your distribution strategy. We've no doubt that Airbnb will prove to be a key partner for clients looking to expand their visibility and attract new audiences.

If you’re looking for an integrated solution then why not take a look at Profitroom Suite? They integrate directly with Airbnb and hundreds of other partners so managing your bookings is easier than ever.