News | 19th September 2019

Five Booking Engine Must Haves

As a leading hospitality technology provider, we understand the importance of a guest centric approach.

We’ve identified five booking engine must haves to drive your direct business forward to increase bookings, revenue and guest engagement whilst reducing OTA reliance and website drop-outs.

1) Automated Guest Engagement

Benefit: Increases direct website and offline bookings with personalised emails.

Profitroom Booking Engine users benefit from a built in GDPR compliant CRM. Along with automatically targeting website drop-outs drawing users back to the buying cycle with responsive content, the system also helps hoteliers manage their offline quotes too, including phone and email enquiries. Hotel’s love this because it provides a sales process and instantly upskills the reservations team making them more efficient. In such a demanding role they value having the quick templates to send out to guests and on average call time has been reduced by half.

Features and benefits include automated pre and post stay emails, loyalty incentives, option of mass mailing, increased newsletter sign-ups and a live visual reporting dashboard all in one easy to use booking engine complete with customer profiles. Not to mention the automated follow-up emails for enquiries which have increased direct conversion by an average of 13% for our clients.

Best of all - it’s completely automated and will make your team more efficient.

2) Interactive Guest Experience with Video

Benefit: Increases guest engagement to encourage emotive booking.

We recognise the importance of brand engagement and captivating the guest in the buying process to influence emotive purchasing. In fact, our research indicates that hotels who use video content and visual storytelling in their booking experience have double the conversion.

Best of all - Guests engage with your brand and stay on your own website.

To help further influence booking decisions, brand awareness, and increase ROI, we recommend producing separate video clips of each room and suite category. Booking revenue increases when video is present and so do the upgrade opportunities.

David Beasley, CEO, VIP Worldwide

3) Flawless Website Integration

Benefit: A fully customisable booking engine in line with your brand.

Profitroom’s customisable interface is extremely flexible. There’s nothing worse than directing your guests to a third party URL to make a booking when you’ve invested so much into your brand. To ensure the very best website to booking engine experience we have an advanced integration with Profitroom to keep your guests on your website when they’re comparing offers and availability.

What’s more, when users are looking at a specific room type or offer on the website that room will be the first to load when they search some dates. You can also directly pull offers and packages from the booking engine to your website so content and from prices are always up to date. They lead directly to the specific package landing page in the booking engine too so guests can easily make a quick booking for a special offer or package.

Best of all - the booking engine looks and feels like an extension of your website.

4) Effective Conversion Tools

Benefit: Encourages guests to book direct with you and creates urgency.

Profitroom has a wealth of conversion tools to assist guests in the booking engine. From subtle prompts like ‘lowest price’ and ‘bestseller’ to automated algorithms displaying live information like ‘last room available’ to create urgency and trigger the user to make a booking,

What's more, if you have no availability the booking engine will prompt the guest with an availability calendar, segmented per room type, to encourage a stay with different dates.

The most effective tool is the personalised newsletter sign up which unrolls dynamically upon every new search to reveal an exclusive book direct offer, loyalty scheme or discount.

Best of all - they help build your newsletter database with active recipients

5) Reliable Reporting Suite

Benefit: Accurate in depth reporting enabling you to make better decisions.

If you’re anything like me, you’ll love how visual this system is! Profitroom’s sophisticated reporting suite provides all the data you could wish for from customisable channel reporting and demand analysis to booking windows per offer, segment and funnel conversion rates. The system is a hit for the digital marketing team too due to it’s flawless integration with Google Analytics, Tag Manager, Facebook Pixel and more.

Having been a Revenue Manager for over 7 years I’m always expressing the importance of accurate data and reporting - quite simply you can’t manage your bookings and trends if you don’t measure them accurately.

Best of all - it’s super easy to manage and the insights are live.

In a nutshell

Does your booking engine provide all of the below?

  1. CRM with automated emails
  2. Ability to add video content
  3. Flawless website integration
  4. Personalised conversion tools
  5. A reliable reporting dashboard

If not, Journey with us and take a look at Profitroom’s award winning solution to elevate your guests direct booking experience to benefit from all of the above and much more.