News | 12th November 2019

“History In The Making” – Brand Film for Beaverbrook, Surrey.

Shooting: “History In The Making” - Brand Film for Beaverbrook, Surrey.

Creative Direction: Jenna Elsby, Journey

Director of Photography: David Stubbins, VIP Worldwide

Camera: Paul Gay, VIP Worldwide

Model: Rebecca Pearson, Journey

Creative Concept: 

Aside from the obvious style, beauty and grandeur of the estate, we felt that the warmth of Beaverbrook and the incredible talent within, are what make it a remarkable place to be. When we walked through the estate the team all felt a tangible presence; the history and the incredible guests of the past that make up the very fabric and soul of the place.  We wanted to create a film experience that resonates with this same warmth by focusing on the people that collectively make up the history and the present atmosphere. 

"History In The Making" showcases the legacy of the iconic guests that have stayed on the estate in the past, (Winston Churchill, Elizabeth Taylor, Rudyard Kipling to name a few) and the incredible talent that currently forms the wonderful team. We take viewers on a journey from the main house, through the grounds to the spa, the garden house, the kitchen and beyond. We decided to shoot the piece through the eyes of a young lady, arriving at Beaverbrook for the first time and allow the audience to behold the place along with the protagonist. It is shot mostly from her first person point of view, to give viewers a very personal and first hand viewing experience. It aims to document her journey of discovery through the estate as she explores all it has to offer and observes the magic and soul of Beaverbrook and its unique story. 

Whilst the central theme of the piece is a celebration of the people we intentionally avoided using any direct and clear close up shots of people’s faces, choosing to focus on the way they make you feel as opposed to how they appear. Light and hands are also recurring motifs, employed to give the finished piece both a tactile and dream-like quality. As our female lead first glimpses the grand main house on her approach up the driveway, the light illuminates the building like a screen siren of the 1950’s and we mirror the sense of wonder in real time with her. 

This awe, curiosity and anticipation is repeated throughout the piece as she goes on an almost “Alice in Wonder” style adventure, encountering an array of whimsical delights and welcoming exchanges.  "History In The Making" is not a promotional film that simply showcases the impressive property, it is a narrative piece that creatively tells a very personal story and hints at the magic that awaits at Beaverbrook. 

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