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News | 23rd October 2020

Holidays are coming: How to tackle the run-up to Christmas 2020

An unprecedented year means an unprecedented Christmas. With the rule of six, localised lockdowns, and new rules coming into play almost daily, the trends we’d normally see during this time of year simply aren’t there.  However, there are a few things you can do during this period of uncertainty to ensure you’re as prepared as …

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News | 15th October 2020

How hotels can adapt to England’s three-tiered approach

The government’s new three-tiered approach is set to shake things up for the industry once more. As the new coronavirus rules are rolled out across the country, we look at how hotels in areas with increased restrictions, or those with target audiences in local lockdown areas, can navigate these uncertain times.  Here are our five …

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News | 8th October 2020

Are you ready for Black Friday 2020?

There are still many unknowns in 2020, but one thing we do know is that Black Friday remains one of the most popular selling days of the year. We also know that after a year of being unable to travel, domestic tourism is rapidly on the rise. A luxury stay will be hugely appealing to …

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News | 17th September 2020

Alice Violet Joins Journey: Press Release

17th September 2020 Journey, the boutique luxury marketing agency of Journey Hospitality, is delighted to announce the appointment of Alice Violet as Social Media Director. With a career in hospitality and digital marketing, Alice brings invaluable experience to Journey which is building an unparalleled team of hospitality professionals and digital marketing experts. Alice started her …

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News | 7th September 2020

Get Personal: 3 Easy Ways to Personalise Your Marketing Content

Every hotelier knows that offering a personalised service goes a long way when it comes to creating a luxury guest experience, and this is also true of your marketing. Now more than ever, we need to be speaking directly to our guests to encourage bookings and loyalty. Here are just a few ways you can …

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News | 3rd September 2020

Carla Severn Joins Journey: Press Release

3rd September 2020 Journey are delighted to announce that Carla Severn has recently joined the company as Client Strategy Director. Journey is a boutique hotel marketing agency, created by a team of experienced luxury hospitality experts, who deliver a unique 360 holistic approach to hotel marketing. With expertise in commercial and creative strategy, social media, …

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News | 27th July 2020

Creating Social Media Imagery That Engages

With 300 million pictures being uploaded to Facebook every day and 95 million to Instagram, how can you post ‘thumb-stopping’ content that will stand out, maintain brand value and engage with audiences to return value? Photography used for social media doesn’t always need to be taken by a professional, and we’re here to give you …

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News | 20th July 2020

Exploring Social Media Platforms and Their Benefits for Your Brand

We recently published a blog post discussing the three top social media platforms for maximising engagement and reach, and providing a quick return on investment: Facebook, Messenger, Instagram. But we didn’t want to leave it there, as there are 4 more social platforms that you should be familiar with.  Twitter Twitter is best used to …

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News | 13th July 2020

Which Social Media Platforms are Best for Your business?

Since the early 2000s we have seen social media and all its plat-”forms” revolutionise marketing. Its rate of growth and popularity is undeniable, particularly during the last few unprecedented months, where it has been an invaluable tool for individuals, businesses and brands to stay connected with the world.  Having a strong, consistent and approachable online …

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News | 1st June 2020

Saying Thank You to the NHS

Nights on Us If there is one thing we as a business have learnt through this experience, it is that in the face of uncertainty new opportunities can often present themselves. For us, that has come in the form of giving back to our community through an incredible initiative, that seeks to reward those who …

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News | 20th May 2020

Preparing for Recovery post Covid 19

5 steps to consider when re-opening your hotel We know that the global coronavirus outbreak has had an unprecedented impact not only on the travel and hospitality industries, but our day-to-day lives. As the world begins to recover, and we start thinking ahead to what life will look like post-covid-19, we have put together a …

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News | 13th May 2020

How to Stay Socially Connected

Why your social media channels are your most effective marketing tool Pre COVID-19 there was fear that our dependence on social media was creating a less connected world. Now, in light of social distancing, it is a life-line; our main form of keeping connections alive and the most effective way to maintain a direct channel …

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News | 28th April 2020

Covid 19 Update – Revenue and Systems

Did you know, when you have studied/worked at a subject for 10,000 hours you are considered an expert? That’s 3 hours a day on a subject to learn, understand and practice it. For a little over 9 years. True expertise is well earned. And worth listening too. The rise of the vendor on all subjects …

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News | 27th April 2020

Gift Voucher Trends during Covid-19

How to get the Best from your Gift Voucher Platform during the Covid-19 Outbreak This pandemic has affected everyone in so many ways, and we are seeing first hand the enormous challenges hotels have had to face. But although hotels and restaurants have had to close their doors to guests, over the last few months, …

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News | 15th April 2020

Navigating Your Campaigns through COVID-19

Google has released five guiding principles to help media teams navigate the challenges uncovered by the COVID-19 outbreak. Our Acquisition Director, Kane Wheatley, has analysed each principle and offered key advice around how the hospitality industry can adapt their digital strategy and prepare for the inevitable post-COVID-19 travel boom. First up – how best to …

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News | 14th April 2020

Covid 19 Update – Revenue and Systems

Thanks for following our updates. As we all know, circumstances are daily changing and what seemed relevant on Monday is already old news. We kicked off our advice platform for our hotels around the globe and any who sought a little guidance in these testing times. There is so much knowledge out there and it’s …

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News | 3rd April 2020

Daily Updates: COVID-19 Information for Hotels

Considering the changing landscape, we are updating our advice to hoteliers regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19) regularly. For any support enquiries regarding COVID-19, please email or call 01242 682050 and press 0 to be directed to our helpline.   Revenue Management Last updated: 08:35, 3rd April 2020 A summary from our Instagram live session with Susanne Williams, …

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News | 24th March 2020

COVID-Council for Hoteliers – Daily Revenue Updates

  Here you can find all of our latest revenue advice for hotels during the coronavirus crisis, updated daily. Last updated: 11:25, 30th March 2020 How can I protect my existing guests and build a database? Keep your guest engagement going. It’s not about selling, it’s about showing that you’re there to help. Take away …

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News | 24th March 2020

COVID-Council for Hoteliers – Daily Gift Voucher Updates

  Last updated: 10:05, 25th March 2020 Looking at figures for both Feb and March, we have seen a very small decline in gift voucher sales (when comparing YOY results and trends since 2016), but not the steep decline that online bookings for rooms, tables and spas are experiencing. This is because when it comes …

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