There are still many unknowns in 2020, but one thing we do know is that Black Friday remains one of the most popular selling days of the year. We also know that after a year of being unable to travel, domestic tourism is rapidly on the rise.

A luxury stay will be hugely appealing to many who have been unable to travel all year. Similarly, a voucher that offers flexibility is a great gift for a loved one this Christmas.

With hotel rooms filling fast for 2021, Black Friday may be the only major promotion you need to offer over the next few months, so here are our top tips to make the most of this opportunity.

Our top tips for Black Friday 2020

1. Get in early

Black Friday is one of the noisiest periods for sales messaging. Stand out by getting in early and set up your campaigns for the start of November using multiple platforms such as social media, targeted ads and email marketing. Targeting users straight after October payday and increasing the sale period will also help you get the best results.

2. Show off

You’re going to be offering outstanding discounts, so make sure they’re seen by as many as possible with beautiful artwork across multiple platforms. Great imagery will engage users and help you stand out from the crowd. Incorporating social ads into your strategy will also help you target specific audiences and acquire new followers.

3. Limit the validity period

Use this opportunity to think about when you may need help filling your rooms. We know that some guests still need encouragement to travel this winter, but 2021 is going to be a huge year for domestic travel. Make sure your voucher sales work for you, without offering discounted stays for periods that will be popular, no matter the price.

4. Be selective

Be selective with the vouchers you feature in the sale. You need to feature some of the more popular vouchers in order to drum up lots of interest, but avoid featuring your very best sellers, as including these may eliminate any revenue you could have gained without the promotion.

5. Cross-sell and promote

Many users will be drawn in by the sale but may actually go on to purchase an item that wasn’t even discounted. Even users who don’t make a purchase may still use this opportunity to follow your social accounts or browse your website for future reference. This is the time to ensure your digital presence is enticing, user-friendly and consistent.


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