Meta What? Rate Strategies to Combat OTAs

Tuesday 6th February 2018


Whether you’re a luxury resort in the Maldives, a ski resort in the Swiss Alps, or a boutique hotel in Cornwall, metasearch can help you.

So what is metasearch?

Metasearch is a channel that allows you to take back control from OTAs and ensures your direct channel (website) is being represented equally and fairly to potential guests. It enables you to promote your rates on a number of OTAs, aggregators, and key online search engines such as:

Is metasearch for me?

Obviously there are a few prerequisites: rate parity, a strong revenue strategy, and willingness to spend media budget to ensure a profitable return on investment. If you have a revenue strategy in place whereby your room rates on your direct channel are always offered at the best available rate or better, then yes, metasearch is for you.

Why metasearch?

More and more frequently users are now searching with price in the forefront of their minds. Comparison sites such as are essential for hotels to gain initial exposure, however, it’s not always profitable to rely on online travel agents for the majority of your business due to ever-rising commission costs of up to 30% per transaction.

Users booking through your website enables a number of things for your business…

  • Savings in commission
  • Best rate guaranteed
  • Lifetime value of a customer

All three are essential for successful long term results of a hotel or resort within the hospitality sector. When rates are advertised to potential customers at each stage of their research and buying cycle, the chances of searchers converting into bookers is significantly higher.

As with most paid media, you’ll only be charged on a cost per click basis. Our typical starting point, if you’re wary, is to try £400-£500 as a monthly budget and see what results you get. We can almost guarantee they’ll be staggering and change your outlook on overall digital marketing strategies.

Ok, so can I have a real life example?

A luxury boutique hotel in Falmouth, Cornwall has used our metasearch platform for just over one month. By opening up the available channels within the platform we saw some great first results.

  • £350 media spend
  • 10 bookings
  • £3.5k in revenue
  • 900% ROI

Not only has metasearch returned stunning results for this client in just one month, but has also helped with the hotel’s overall revenue target.

Is there anything else?

As well as providing excellent results, our metasearch platform offers insightful data snippets which prove valuable to our clients. We can see the length of stay of users that book through metasearch, the country they booked from, and the platform they booked on. Who knew Austrians loved Falmouth so much?!

For more information and additional case studies, contact us today so we can send you a proposal and get started on assisting you with driving direct business back to your property. It’s 2018, let’s work together to take back control of your business and ensure all profits aren’t swallowed up by OTAs and tour operators.