Luxury, Independent and Boutique Hotels Join the Journey

Wednesday 11th November 2015

Simon Bullingham explains how Journey are building great technology to help their hotel partners maximize reach and profitability.


With its striking purple central branding, large siting and upscale coffee, the Journey stand quickly became a destination for many attending this year’s Independent Hotel Show 2015. Much, in fact, like the hotel marketing agency itself.

The brainchild of marketing expert, Simon Bullingham, Journey is a full service marketing agency based in Cheltenham. Dedicated to – and specialising in – the independent, luxury and boutique hotel industry, Journey offers branding, marketing, digital, PR support to a wide range of hotels and has been behind many of the most impactful launches, rebrands and campaigns of recent years.

Simon Bullingham explains: “Our range of services are all aimed at helping hoteliers demonstrate more effective marketing practices. Working only within the hotel sector, our extensive experience makes us excellently placed to advise and guide hoteliers towards greater revenue, optimised rates and occupancy, as well as helping provide a wider awareness of their hotel’s brand and digital strategies.”

In addition to providing in depth strategic and creative consultancy, Journey is also working in partnership with hotels to infuse campaigns with breakthrough technology and applications.

Simon continues: “We’re building great technology to help our hotel partners maximize their reach and profitability. Just a few of the areas we’re innovating in include gift voucher, dedicated CRM, digital dashboard, and asset management library development and delivery. Technology and smart marketing will continue to disrupt the industry and offers a huge opportunity for nimble, inquisitive and savvy independent, luxury and boutique hotel owners and operators.”

“We’re building great technology to help our hotel partners maximize their reach and profitability. Just a few of the areas we’re innovating in include gift voucher, dedicated CRM, digital dashboard and asset management library development and delivery.”

Top tips for your journey into marketing

Don’t ignore the marketing potential and opportunity your hotel brand represents. Journey founder and hotel marketing expert, Simon Bullingham gives his top tips to help you develop a comprehensive marketing strategy and explains why it makes financial sense to outsource marketing services:

Make marketing work for you by:

  • Focusing on the brand, not only the product
  • Think ‘reputation’, ‘search’ and ‘content’ to ensure customers make an emotional connection with your property and to drive loyalty
  • Remember that intelligent, strategic branding and marketing will have a knock on effect across your business. Just some of the benefits include:
    – Lower reliance on OTAs and other third party booking channels
    – A greater volume of direct bookings
    – Increased conversion rates
    – A clear return on your investment
  • Put in place platform management strategies
  • Start from a media neutral perspective to ensure best solutions. Not being tied to a specific touchpoint means that you can develop creative, insight-driven solutions and spend budget cost effectively. Don’t let an agency from a single discipline drive the agenda
  • Consider outsourcing your marketing to a specialist hotel marketing agency in a way that keeps everything still in house. Journey can offer this by:
  • Offering centralized solutions, recommended by consultants with a background in both hospitality and luxury marketing
  • Providing ready-made, in-house teams who can work within your day to day operations as part of the team, providing immediate impact, on the ground support while training up teams internally to share and reapply expertise.

With thanks to Eleanor Hatfield, Copywriter and Brand Consultant for the Independent Hotel Show.