6 tips for productive hospitality meetings

Monday 25th July 2016


At Journey we know how important meetings are. That said, sometimes they can be time consuming and unproductive. We know your time is valuable and that’s why we wanted to share our own internal meeting tips with our clients. This means that you and your hotel staff can get the most out of your time.

1. Prepare in advance

If there is information people need to read, send it out in good time. Also prepare an agenda for your meeting and share this so the entire team fully understands the meeting’s aim. POST is a useful mnemonic to help you plan your agenda:

PURPOSE – Why do you need a meeting?
OUTCOMES – What is the aim for the meeting?
STRUCTURE – Who, when, where, how?
TIMINGS  – E.g. 5 minute intro, 10 minutes pet update, 5 minutes to wrap up.

2. Make sure every meeting has a leader

Make sure you’ve elected a chairperson to lead the meeting. This person can make sure the meeting is concise, productive, and achieves it’s goals.

3. Less is more

At Journey we try and stick to just 30 mins for internal meetings (and it does really help if you can stand up as well). Consider your other options; could this conversation happen across e-mail, Whatsapp, or a group chat in Google Hangout? Asses your meetings goals and work out the most efficient way for you and your team to meet them.

4. Be present

Have the same standards for internal meetings as you would for any external ones. So, don’t get stuck behind your desk not paying attention to the time; be punctual. We’re all guilty of bringing out phones and/or laptops along to meetings but make sure to be actively involved in the meeting and not focused on a screen. Make sure to bring a notebook or a laptop to record any key info. If latecomers try to sneak in let them be the ones to take minutes, or tidy up the room.

5. Commit to actions and deadlines

Use this time to organise any next steps. Delegate the work. Decide who is doing what and when it will need completing by.

6. Cancelled meetings

If your meeting gets cancelled make sure to delete the calendar event. This makes sure people will know where you are if they need you, and let’s everyone know the room is now free.

Follow our six tips for productive hospitality meetings so you’re getting the most out of your time. Here at Journey we use these tips as standard so we can remain as efficient as possible.

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