The launch of the new Cotswold Inns and Hotels website

Tuesday 24th November 2015


The hotel(s):

Cotswold Inns and Hotels is a luxury hotel group with eight unique properties dotted around the Cotswold countryside. Each individual in both charm and character, as a group they collectively offer a comfortable collection of rooms, a bespoke backdrop for a wedding or celebrating a special occasion, or an inspiring venue for corporate events and business meetings.

The story:

Here at Journey we are consistently producing high quality websites for high end hoteliers throughout the UK and Ireland. One of our most recent projects was working with Cotswold Inns & Hotels to create a website to seamlessly link all eight of their properties, while keeping their individuality at the forefront and without disrupting the flow of the online user experience.

In order to get to know both the client and the individual hotels as best as possible, we conducted extensive site visits, allowing us to give the website a more personal touch. One of the first things that stood out was the incredible artwork that graced the walls of each of their properties, and instantly we knew we had a design focus to connect them all together.

Our design team rose to the challenge, and in partnership with our development, content and search teams, created a cunning navigation system, a clean stylish layout with striking imagery and content that ticks all the Hotel Search boxes. We worked together as a team to deliver a seamlessly beautiful collection of websites all rolled into one.

The team hit the nail on the head capturing the essence of Cotswold Inns & Hotels, and that was because they took the time to understand the properties and visit them. It’s important for our business that while each of our 8 properties is individual and within a geographical area that could place it in competition within the group, that they are all represented properly and fully on our website.

Nadine Linington, Sales and Marketing Director, Cotswold Inns and Hotels