Talented hospitality PR joins our team

Tuesday 24th November 2015


After graduating from Oxford Brookes in 2014 having studied English Literature and Law, Laura worked in London for a year and a half before joining the team at Journey. A recent addition to our Hotel PR team, Laura had previously worked with well known food clients, assisting with PR and marketing campaigns, writing press releases and blogs, and arranging activities for clients with top London restaurants.

Initially focused on high end Italian hotels before moving towards Italian restaurants and food, in October, Laura moved to Journey, allowing her to combine her passions – working with high end hoteliers and what she calls ‘the personal side of digital marketing’, or as you and I know it, PR.

She feels that in an increasingly digital world, the personal touch of PR is vital in retaining a good relationship with your guests, clients and prospective visitors, as well as encouraging return custom. She loves working closely with hoteliers and the media to ensure a seamless end product, be that a website, a launch or other press event, and we very much look forward to making good use of everything she can bring to the team.

If you could stay in any hotel in the world, which would it be and why?

I’d love to stay in Le Bristol in Paris, it’s one of those timeless hotels that’s got something really special. They have a beautiful courtyard garden in the hotel, and make the most of their impressive history, opening in Paris in the height of the ’20s. Le Bristol also has one of the best restaurants in Paris, Epicure – so dinner there would be a must as well!

If I’m allowed two choices – I’d love to visit the Hotel D’Angleterre in Copenhagen too. The decor is faultless, and Copenhagen is a great place to visit.

What is the most enjoyable element of your role? What is your personal area of expertise?

There’s a lot of scope for creativity in PR, and so that’s one of my favourite parts of the job. One of the other things I enjoy is events. Whether it be a hotel launch or a new menu release, I like looking at what we want to achieve with a campaign, and working out the most interesting and exciting ways to make it happen.

What is your favourite season to travel?

Spring and early summer are my favourite times of the year to travel. There are less people around, and a bit of sunshine after the grey English winter is always welcome.

The golden question…tell us something about yourself.

I spent a summer living in Florence in Italy, and am now *attempting* to learn Italian again…