Our Search crew welcome new starter

Tuesday 24th November 2015


The latest addition to our team here at Journey is Joe Griffiths, who is working alongside Dickon and Andrew in our dedicated Hotel Search team. Joe worked as a digital content writer for a company whose primary focus was saving its customers money, utilising conversion-based content creation techniques. Having worked there for eighteen months, Joe decided it was time for a change and brought his knowledge to us in early November to focus on his primary interest – SEO and search.

Eager to immerse himself in the digital age, Joe is fascinated by the habits and rituals of online users, as well as how integral search engines are to the day-to-day activities of prospective and recurring guests for high end hoteliers. Joe looks forward to developing further understanding of the intricacies of search reliant marketing, while working in the fast-paced, fast-growing environment of Journey.

If you could stay in any hotel in the world, what would it be and why?

If I could stay anywhere it would be the Burj Al Arab in Dubai. It’s rated as the world’s only 7 star hotel, with interiors decorated with gold leaf. That is a whole new level of luxury.

What is your favourite thing about working in Hotel Search?

I like the idea of ‘thinking like a searcher’. Working in search and SEO you have to stay one step ahead to understand what each person’s search intentions are.

What is your favourite season to travel?

The post summer-holiday period. When the schools have returned, so resorts are quieter and more relaxing. It gives me more time to think and soak in my surroundings.

The golden question…tell us something about yourself

I’m a huge Marvel nerd. I love all things superhero related. I’m also an unfortunate season ticket holder at West Bromwich Albion football club.