Search team get Google certified

Wednesday 27th July 2016


Last month two of our Digital Marketing Executives Joe and Kane went on a journey down to London to learn from the Godfather’s of Search and attend two Google boot camps. They arrived at the colossal Google offices in Giles Street with their game faces on, ready develop their digital skills.

They spent two days in the classroom learning from experts, such as Geoff Alexander, a Yoda figure of the Digital Marketing world. At the end of each day of intensive study the boys had to prove themselves by sitting AdWord exams. First, they sat the  ‘Fundamentals’ exam. On the second day things got more specific with the ‘Search’ exam. Back at the office we were tentatively waiting to hear how they were getting on. Of course, both Joe and Kane smashed the 80% pass bar and achieved top marks. Fantastic results!

But does this accolade mean for you hoteliers? These qualifications have given Joe and Kane a better insight into how Google ranks paid ads. It’s an urban myth that paying ‘x’ amount of money will get your ad to the top on Google. It’s a combination of clever strategising, well structured campaigns, and hard work.

Joe and Kane’s Top Tips:

  1. Ensure your campaigns are correctly structured; utilising ad groups made of themed keywords.
  2. Make sure those keywords are relevant to the ad copy you’re writing and follow relevant practices. Make the use of these keywords natural.
  3. Make sure the landing page the ads direct your users to is relevant

These things will help your keyword’s ‘quality score.’ If this is high, your ranking will increase above other paid ads, giving you a cheaper cost per click.

Now they’ve passed their exams Journey has been awarded a Google partnership status. This is valid for 12 months and will provide further training opportunities so Joe and Kane can continue to develop their expertise.  When the 12 months is up they’ll be back off down to London to sit more exams; ensuring they’re always at the forefront of Digital Marketing. Well done, guys!