Introducing Humphrey,
Chief Motivator

Monday 3rd July 2017


This is Humphrey. He is 5 months old.

Some people may dispute the value of having an office dog. To those people, we say: LOOK AT THAT FACE!

We appreciate that Humphrey may not be able to write copy or code websites, but in his defence, his lack of thumbs and inability to speak are the biggest stumbling blocks. Nevertheless, to have become such a high achiever at such a young age is enough to make any head turn.

Humphrey has shown a natural aptitude towards persuasion and influence, which is why he has been hired as our new Chief Motivator.

Even if you’re not really a dog person, you’ll come to like Humphrey. Journey’s Office & HR Guru, Charlie Heavey is what we would call a canine non-convert. But even she admits, “I was holding out for a pygmy hedgehog – dogs just manoeuvre humans with their passive aggressive cuteness. But Humphrey has been different; he’s shared his chews with us and even helped with filing”. Who’d have thought you could convert the unconverted?

CEO, Founder, and Dog Owner Simon Bullingham is delighted to have our fresh-faced team member on board, and if the big man approves – can we really argue with that?

Humphrey is yet to create his own Instagram feed (you know what it’s like – you sign up to these things with the best of intentions), but until then we’ll keep you updated with how he gets on in his new role via our website.

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Want to chat to our Chief Motivator? You can let his human know here.

*For anything regarding management matters, please speak to our Directors… Humphrey is still on probation… and is a dog.