Increased Income, the Gift of Giving

Friday 28th April 2017

From the moment a gift voucher is purchased for your hotel, to the occasion it is presented to the receiver, every step should be simple, intuitive and effective.


Gift vouchers are a fantastic way to guarantee money is being spent in a hotel, a key way of increasing sale and providing a ready source of new guests. This means it is vital each consumer feels taken care of at every stage of the transaction. It is also essential this tool is marketed to the best of your, or our, ability. Whilst most hotels are great at acknowledging the impact of gift vouchers on the bottom line, it can be the case that the true value of this service as a marketing tool is unrealised.

So how do gift vouchers work for your business?

The sale of a gift voucher, or gift experience, enables a number of possibilities. From the beginning of the process there are opportunities to secure new and regular customers. Firstly the purchaser of the voucher could be an existing customer looking to endorse your venue and their own positive experiences. There is an opportunity here to reward people for recommending your business.

The next stage of the buyer’s journey is receiving the voucher. This opens the door for future marketing opportunities such as Father’s Day, Easter or Christmas.

This could be the beginning of a new relationship. The receiver is given the chance to experience your venue, potentially for the first time, with positive connotations from the start. It is your chance to gain their trust and provide the best experience for your guest. It could be a chance to add value, and should the gift be of a higher value, a venue may be more inclined to offer something to entice the gift receiver back in the future.

Of course there are many ways by which to propel this service through key marketing strategies. That is where a gift voucher service with integrated marketing expertise, such as Gifted, is vital and leads to the increased sale of gift vouchers. Therefore increased revenue for your hotel.

Technology and ease of purchase is a key part of making the process smooth for each customer. Up to date technology is vital and as a hotelier you need to be able to understand the trends in your own sales to capitalise on these when they occur.

Make your sales offer bigger and get it working better by treating the service as both one for the sale of gift vouchers and gift experiences. This ability to add value at every stage leads to increased revenue and greater awareness of what your hotel has to offer.

Ensure customers can take this a step further and offer the ability to create bespoke packages. This creates an uniquely personalised and extra special experience for both the purchaser and the receiver.

The creation of a permanent memory is far more important in the long run than perishable goods.

Simon Bullingham, Managing Director, Journey

Importantly, remember to consider the psychology behind these purchases and how they can best be fulfilled. The creation of a permanent memory is far more important in the long run than perishable goods. For example as part of a bespoke voucher package could a photo be presented of the guests’ time at your premises at the end of their stay to create a lasting memory and impression. Consider how to pro-actively market your voucher offering, to the correct people at the correct time. This targeted approach is a key way of ensuring better levels of purchasing and should be combined with a tailored marketing campaign for maximum impact.

This takes time, manpower and knowledge, which can be achieved by working in partnership with a fully integrated service where technology and marketing expertise are combined.

As part of this you will not only get the expertise within a pro-active marketing plan, but fulfilment of the voucher and experience, and access to a wider network with further reach and therefore exposure.

As marketers at heart, with the technology of our own print firm to hand, we always strive to offer services, which not only assist our clients but boost their current offering. So, from the purchasing of the gift package to the arrival of the bespoke packaged gift voucher, make sure you create the best experience for your guests, while maximising your revenue return with an integrated marketing and gift voucher service. We’ve got it all wrapped up and so could you.