How to Increase Profits in the Run up to Your Holiday Season

Thursday 27th July 2017


With only 18 weeks until Christmas, have you got a seasonal marketing strategy in place?

Fear not! We have a quick win that will help maximise on sales during the peak gift giving season and it’s so simple you could get it all planned tomorrow.

“Each year around 40% of consumers begin their Christmas shopping before Halloween.”

Our Gifted technology allows you to create fully customisable gift experiences that are easy to sell and manage online. Whether you’re looking to promote your afternoon tea offering or simply want monetary transactions, Gifted is the market leading commission-free platform for hoteliers.

If you already sell gift vouchers you’ll know how important the next quarter is. The phones will be off the hook, your front of house staff will be busy with voucher admin as well as taking reservations, so we’ve designed a product to take some of the strain away.

Did you know that up to 60% of voucher sales happen 6 weeks before christmas? This year we want to save hoteliers thousands by switching them to a commission-free platform. Think about it. You’ll be spending between 3% commission with your current provider during a time where you should be making money rather than giving it away.

“Approximately 30% of vouchers are never redeemed and automatically expire”

Whether your hotel has been running for 30 days or 30 years, there will be experiences you didn’t know you could offer that will still surprise and delight your guests. Not all of these have to be seasonal or lavish, but what they can do is give your guests an idea of all the bespoke services unique to you.


  • Reach guests you typically wouldn’t reach
  • Stimulate additional purchases
  • Build credibility for your hotel, spa, or resort
  • Sell to your existing guests and customers
  • Increase visibility on what people can experience at your property
  • Allow guests to send a gift internationally
  • Build brand awareness
  • Create additional promotional opportunities
  • Sell tickets online for key calendar events to boost low season profit
  • Create unforgettable experiences
  • Engage your guests and encourage them to come back

“With a 32% uplift in sales vs last year it’s a great result and we are delighted with our new gift voucher platform.”
Leigh Jenkins, Commercial Director at Chewton Glen

How will I profit from Gifted?

  • Having a dedicated account manager to take care of all admin and on-boarding (pain free for you)
  • See an increase in sales (from 10-35%)
  • Save money with our flat fee structure
  • We fulfil for you – no stress with Christmas post

“Offer experiences, not just monetary vouchers. Research shows that consumers purchasing gifts prefer to select experiences or packages versus a monetary ‘price-tag’ option.”

With so much effort being put into gift voucher sales during the festive season, we wanted to share some very quick and simple wins to help save you thousands or more over this festive period, by not charging you commission.

Not all vouchers have to be tandem skydives for adrenaline junkies. Why not entice the James Bonds of the world with a simple cocktail evening? We assure you, there’s always something for everyone.

4 Gifted Christmas ideas you didn’t know you had

  1. Christmas Hampers

  2. Cocktail evening

  3. Stargazing on the lawn

  4. Wreath making class


Will it be difficult to migrate from my current provider?
Absolutely not. It’s a simple process that will take us around a month. Seems long? Not really. When you consider our on-boarding process, you’ll really understand the benefits. The length of time to manually enter your data and assets, we do this for you so you don’t have to lift a finger.

You can be up and running in 28 days and by the time you go live it will be the best version of your gift voucher shop it could be. We transfer all data, build you a site from scratch, train your staff, and we can change your literature as well as agree a cracking Christmas campaign to get you started.

What if I’m stuck in a contract?
Most contracts specify that you don’t have to have a live link. Simply check your notice period and terms or give us a call if you need help translating what you can do.

Do you offer fulfilment?
The Gifted fulfilment centre is based here in the UK and operates Monday to Friday. So in the run up to Christmas you won’t lose any team members to stuffing envelopes.

Discover how Gifted can help you market gift voucher sales more effectively, promote your hotel brand and generate revenue.
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