Hotel Video

Hotel Video

With Journey’s proven expertise in creating marketing and social media campaigns, videos are crafted to connect with audiences wherever they may be.  Video promotes your brand qualities which leads to increased brand awareness and loyalty that inspires, persuades and empowers buying behaviour.

We create videos to emotionally engage with your audience and heighten brand awareness

Hotel Video

Visually engaging

Journey film both individual independents and multi-national hotel chains worldwide. Each property’s charm, uniqueness, comfort and style are filmed in high definition ready for editing into a captivating video journey. Your guests will watch, absorb, value and ultimately look to video as part of their decision making process.

Journey are experts at producing beautiful content that connects with your guests and inspires them to embrace your brand. With over twenty years’ hotel and hospitality experience, their dedicated team of directors and talented camera operators craft your hotel film into stunning visual communication that inspires guests.

With the very latest technology in the hands of Journey’s talented award-winning directors, camera operators and editors, Journey’s films are carefully crafted. They embrace audiences and take them on their very own journey by empowering positive buying behaviour and raising aspirations to experience luxury travel at its finest.

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  • 20 years experience
  • Latest technology
  • Inspiring visual communication
  • Encourage positive buying behaviour

Aerial Filming

The view from above

Journey are one of one of the leading CAA registered professional aerial specialists offering expert aerial filming services.

Our team of time-served licensed pilots and camera operators are experienced in video production and broadcast TV. With literally hundreds of hours experience operating under international skies as well as here in the UK, you’re guaranteed stunning imagery.

When it comes to moving fast and being flexible, we’re right there. All our drones are ready to fly as soon as they are removed from their transport case; no lengthy time waiting for assembly of tracks, cranes and jibs.

Our remote controlled drones are custom-built and fly just the same as the real thing. They are versatile aircraft, capable of flying in many environments, day or night. The drones are robust enough to fly in winds of up to 20 knots, which will reduce waiting times and allow for filming all year round.

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  • CAA registered specialists
  • No assembly time!
  • Remote controlled drones
  • Can fly in winds up to 20kts

Resort Video

Filming on location

Many of the hotels we film are set in stunning locations and our clients, quite rightly, like this to be highlighted in their video package. Our expert production crews are highly experienced creative professions, who film underwater, from our drone aircraft as well as filming landscape imagery in full high definition broadcast quality.

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Activity Video

Capture the action

Holiday activities are can be the most important part of the holiday experience and for some clients this is their major selling point.

Whether you’re offering walking, sailing, climbing or cycling, Journey are experts in producing TV quality at video prices; Center Parcs, Tui, Orient Express and Warner Leisure are just some of the UK’s leading holiday providers who have entrusted Journey with their filming requirements.

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Journey TV

Editing excellence

When promotional or information edits are required, Journey TV provides the flexibility to adapt your video to embrace change. Whether it’s pricing, promotions or destination information, our dedicated in-house video editors are on hand to help you keep in step with market trends and connect with your customers.

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