Styling up the Office: Our Obsession with Hotels and Travel

Thursday 27th July 2017


It’s no secret that we love hotels and luxury travel – in fact we’re pretty obsessed. This week we want to take you through some of the little travel-inspired touches in our Cheltenham HQ that make us feel right at home.

Where in the world?

When working with luxury hotels and resorts across the world it can be difficult not to dream of sandy beaches and crystal clear waters. Sometimes we spin the globe and just see where it takes us. If you could own a hotel or resort anywhere in the world, where would it be?

By air, by rail, by road

We said we love hotels, but is this taking it too far? Simon, CEO and Founder of Journey, loves a good pun and is so passionate about what we do that he has his own personalised hotel-themed number plate. He’s also a keen collector of British bulldog figurines!

It must be a sign

Hanging high above our ops and creative teams are these fantastic arrivals and departures boards. They are for display only but we can’t help but feel inspired for our travels.

One ticket to the Maldives, please!

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