Google My Business – New Hotel Review Roll Out

Friday 14th July 2017


Google will begin to roll out the new interface and feature set around local reviews for hotels over the coming months. As ever, this will be tested out in USA first before heading to Europe and the UK. A Google spokesperson confirmed with Search Engine Land this week that it will be rolling out the new features:

“Google is continually improving the information shown to people to help them make decisions about where to go. When people are searching for a hotel to stay at, we want to ensure we make it easy for people to find useful and relevant web reviews about that place to help them make informed decisions.”

The new hotel review interface will feature a number of core features; here’s a preview of some of them we know about so far:

  • Third-party reviews feature in a carousel of rotating images per traveller type
  • The review overview section has a more robust interface showing stronger colours and visual icons
  • The detailed review section will show features in graph formats based on type of travel.

From this data, hoteliers will be more empowered than ever to understand the needs of a guest based on the type of traveller they are. This review data will also enable agencies like ourselves to evolve the complexity of our paid media targeting and strategies.

If you want to find out more about what this means for your hotel, or want to speak to our Digital Marketing team, please contact us using our enquiry form or call the office on +44 1242 801849.