Facebook Dynamic Travel Ads: Advertising by Intent

Wednesday 28th March 2018


An uncertain economy has left many travellers wondering how to get the best deal, and as a result, hotel guests are becoming less decisive when it comes to booking hotels.

In order to increase the chances of guests completing their booking, it has now become more important than ever for hoteliers to target consumers with persuasive messaging. This is where personalised advertising comes in.

Research commissioned by Facebook shows that people spend five times longer on Facebook than they do on any other travel related website or app, making Facebook the ideal platform to inspire, engage and advertise on.

Facebook travel ads are specifically for hotels and airlines, and use real data to create personalised advertising. They enable you to target prospects who have shown an interest in travelling to a specific destination based on their activity on your website.

But don’t generic Facebook ads already enable me to target users based on their behaviour?

Partly. With standard Facebook advertising, we can target guests who have liked or commented on specific posts or pages that could signify they are looking to travel. We would then look at their behaviour and demographic to determine which users are more likely to convert.

However, dynamic ads for travel enable us to collect additional data after the ad has been displayed and use that data to retarget the user’s profile at a later date.

So how do Facebook’s dynamic travel ads work?

Dynamic travel ads work in two forms: prospect targeting and remarketing.

Prospect targeting enables you to serve ads to users that have shown an interest in a specific destination. Facebook measures the user’s interest based on their activity on your website, for example, if they land on a page which highlights a certain destination or property.

When deciding when and who to target, Facebook will look at a variety of factors including the booking window, specific travel dates and destination searches, in addition to whether the user’s activity on the website indicates that they are weekend traveller, single traveller, or a reward member. Based on this information, Facebook will then serve a dynamic travel ad to the user’s profile.

These types of ads are especially useful if you have multiple properties or resorts, as Facebook will tailor the ad based on the specific destination that the user has shown an interest in. This enables you to target users with more personalised messaging rather than displaying non-specific ads featuring general information about all of your properties.

Dynamic travel ads also enable you to retarget users that have already expressed an interest in booking. If a user clicked an ad, entered the booking engine to check availability for selected dates, but eventually left to compare prices on other sites, Facebook would target the user with a dynamic travel ad to encourage them to return to your website.

This type of remarketing also enables you to personalise the user experience. The ad can display dynamic information on pricing and availability based on dates that the user had previously searched for, as well as any relevant offers for the chosen period.

But what about users that are still in the early stages of deciding where to travel?

Facebook’s trip consideration feature aims to reach travellers who have expressed an interest in travel, but haven’t yet decided where they would like to go. This could include people who have browsed several travel sites, but only visited on the homepage of those sites.

Unlike dynamic travel ads, these ads don’t require users to visit your website as Facebook will target these users based on behaviours exhibited on Facebook or Instagram. However, by using trip consideration, you can help ensure that you are targeting those who are already planning to travel.

In summary…

Facebook dynamic travel ads are set up to automatically reach people with the right content at the right time, based on their actions. This means we are able to deliver ads to people who actually want to see them, helping you to capture the attention of your most valuable audiences at a time they are most likely to convert.

To find out more about how dynamic travel ads could help your hotel’s marketing strategy, please contact us through our enquiry form or call our office on 01242 801849.