The Importance of Email Marketing Post-GDPR

Friday 29th June 2018


With many people recently receiving a flurry of emails asking them to opt in or update their preferences, it’s safe to say that that post-GDPR, many business’ mailing lists are looking a little lighter.

However, even if you feel like your emails won’t be getting the same reach, they should still be a vital part of your hotel marketing strategy.

Here are 6 reasons why in a post-GDPR world, email marketing is now more important than ever.

1. Your audience is already engaged

Those on your mailing lists have asked to hear from you, so it’s important that they do! Unlike most ads which target audiences based on demographics, email marketing targets users that already have an interest in your hotel and are more likely to convert.

If you managed to make the cut, make the most if it!

2. It’s great for driving revenue

There’s only so much space in which you can provide content on a display ad, social media post, or pop-up, and the chances of your audience seeing it when browsing the web is often even slimmer. With email marketing, you can target already engaged audiences with detailed information about offers and promotions.

Simply make your guests an offer they can’t refuse and all that’s left for them to do is click through to your website or booking engine. Sending your subscribers offers which are tailored to their interests or targeting guests that have recently stayed with follow up offers and discounts is also a great way to drive revenue.

3. It’s cost-effective

Compared to other advertising methods, email marketing enables you to target large audiences at very little cost.

Email marketing yields an average of 3,800% return on investment – more than any other marketing channel. What’s more, research has shown that segmented email campaigns, as opposed to one-size-fits-all emails, drive a 760% increase in revenue, showing that it pays to invest in an intelligent email marketing strategy.

4. It helps increase brand awareness

Keeping sustained contact with your mailing list helps build brand awareness and is a great way to encourage repeat purchases. While your guests can follow your social media accounts for a snapshot of the latest goings on at your hotel, it’s not the same as having the latest news and offers delivered direct to their inbox.

People are living busier lives and being bombarded with more information than ever before, so dropping your subscribers the occasional email can do wonders for your brand.

5. You can adopt a more targeted approach

The more targeted your messaging, the more effective your marketing content will be, and with email marketing, you can incorporate more personalisation into your hotel’s marketing strategy. Through your preference centre, your subscribers may have told you what areas of your hotel they’re interested in hearing about, and you can target these guests with newsletters talking about specific updates and offers.

6. It helps improve customer retention

Research has shown that it’s five times more cost effective to retain a customer than to acquire a new one. Email marketing is a great way to get in touch with guests after their stay and allows you to collect feedback or offer exclusive follow-up discounts.

If your hotel has a loyalty scheme, email marketing enables you to send specific content to your guests based on their preferences and helps ensure you are at the forefront of their mind when it comes to their next hotel search.

So how can I get started?

From tried and tested templates featuring flexible, conversion-led designs, to in depth reporting capability, our Email Departures platform has everything hotels need to succeed with their email marketing strategy.

Plus, with a team of experts on hand to provide bespoke content and offer ongoing advice on industry best practice, we can ensure you are always getting the best from the platform.

For more advice on email marketing, please feel free to get in touch!