Charity office netball match raises over £150 for Maggie’s

Monday 17th July 2017


Last week the boys in the office stepped up their game and challenged our resident all-girls netball team to a match in the name of charity.

Our resident team, the Journey Jets, have taken on a number of netball leagues this year, finishing second overall in their latest. The opposition, the Journey Jocks, rose to the challenge after a shaky start to claim their victory.

We caught up with our team captains after the match.

Journey’s Head of Digital Marketing, Kane Wheatley, captained Journey Jocks and brought out the fighting talk following the results:

Great game, great cause. Hopefully we can have another game in the future, now we actually know the rules (and next time we’ll score even more).”

Our Content Manager, Josie Atkinson, heads up the Journey Jets and highlighted the benefits of practicing their netball skills against the Jocks:

“It was a really close but enjoyable game. Playing against the boys really challenged us as a team and it was encouraging to have the support of other people in the office watching on the day. What a great way to raise money for such a worthy charity.”

So how did we raise the money? Simple. Each player had to pitch in £5 to play and each player on the losing team had to pay an additional £5.

All in the name of a good cause, we also received donations from those who came to watch and support. You can donate to Maggie’s Cheltenham here

In a very close match the overall score was 5-2 to the Journey Jocks.

Rematch anyone?