Case Study: Pembroke Kilkenny

Monday 17th July 2017


Pembroke Kilkenny is a beautiful hotel situated in southeast Ireland and offers corporate facilities, a medispa, and an incredible location in the heart of the medieval town. We have been working with Pembroke on their branding and website since early 2016, and have been doing digital and promotional work for them since November 2016.


As part of our branding process, we conducted a brand workshop with the management team at Pembroke Kilkenny which involved an archetypal branding session to determine the hotel’s key characteristics. We then created a series of visual language guidelines to be implemented throughout the new website and other branded material.

Our aim for Pembroke’s brand was to reflect the freedom of expression and individuality captured by the hotel as well as focussing on its location in one of the most creative and vibrant towns in Ireland. We created a strapline that incorporated the human interaction and social energy represented with Kilkenny that then became the heart and soul of the brand.

We designed Pembroke’s logo to be simple and elegant to reflect where the hotel is now and their aspirations for the future. We also incorporated a creative font to highlight the fun-filled and energetic nature of Pembroke’s experience. After completing the branding process, we produced an in depth tone of voice document for internal and external use, creating a set of consistent guidelines that complemented Pembroke’s new brand. The content we created for the website was conversion-led and engaging, focusing on increasing direct bookings and awareness of the brand.


Creating a conversion-led website for Pembroke Kilkenny was key to our strategy. When designing and building the website, we focused on highlighting the booking engine through strong and emotive call to actions, a smooth user journey, and enticing imagery. Our aim for every page design was to push guests to book a room or experience at the hotel.

Navigate – Digital Marketing

Since November 2016, we have been working with Pembroke on a series of digital marketing projects in order to increase the hotel’s online bookings and revenue. Through a series of promotions, ongoing AdWords campaigns, and conversion tools, we have increased Pembroke’s revenue by 71% since last year.

For the hotel’s AdWords campaigns, we targeted Ireland, the UK and the US, as well as visitors at all different stages of the buying cycle. The cost of sale for Pembroke Kilkenny’s brand campaign in the US is 1.4% to date, and 5.5% for UK-targeted campaign. OTA commission is typically between 18 – 20%, so anything below this target is a very successful outcome for any hotel.

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