Glenapp Castle Increases Website Traffic by 309% in Year One

Tuesday 17th July 2018



Glenapp Castle is a five star luxury hotel in the Ayrshire countryside providing an intimate level of service with genuine attention to detail. It has great beauty in its period furnishings and interiors as well as breathtaking gardens, forest, and seascapes that surround the castle. Before Journey built the new website for Glenapp Castle, the majority of bookings for the hotel were made via online travel agents and not through the website itself.

Journey were tasked with establishing and executing the hotel’s digital marketing strategy through the Navigate programme to ensure a high quality traffic increase, enabling users to seamlessly enter the booking engine and make their purchase online.


  • Increase quantity and, more importantly, the quality of unique visitors
  • Maintain traffic into booking engine and increase where possible
  • Increase additional revenue generated through the website and digital marketing efforts, techniques, and tactics


The strategy for Glenapp Castle was simple; drive more traffic to the newly built website. Firstly, the conversion-led site was built to send users into the booking engine via a number of user flow and behavioural flow techniques.

On a strong platform following SEO best practice, a paid media approach was undertaken to target users searching for branded and non-branded terms. Visually engaging display and retargeting banners were used to send users back to the website.


  • Increased traffic by 309% in 2017 compared to 2016
  • Organic traffic increase of 342%
  • Direct traffic increase of 341%
  • Paid search traffic increase of over 1000%
  • Increased traffic IBE from 21% to 41% in the calendar year of 2017
  • Increased revenue by £154k year on year

“Working with Glenapp Castle has been great from start to finish. We’re proud of building a conversion-led website that has contributed so much to growing direct business for the property. By adding a fully functional site and booking engine, clients can really start to take ownership of their customer database – and here’s proof!”

Kane Wheatley, Head of Digital Marketing