Alexander Hotels Achieves £45k In Wedding Leads Through Cross-Hotel Wedding Promotion

Wednesday 18th July 2018


Alexander Hotels began their journey into the hospitality industry in 1994 when they opened their first award-winning Utopia Spa. In early 2018, Journey designed, built, and wrote a new website for the group which incorporates all four hotels and both Utopia Spas.

Alexander Hotels offers a unique approach to opulent, romantic, and irresistible getaways from the big city in four locations across Kent, West Sussex, and Surrey. Each of the hotels and spas are different, and have their own unique USPs.

Alongside the launch of their new website, Journey were tasked with establishing Alexander Hotels as a force to be reckoned with in the UK’s luxury wedding market. The goal was to increase wedding enquiries, brochure downloads, bookings, and traffic into their website.


  • Increase quantity and quality of unique visitors to each hotel’s wedding pages
  • Increase wedding enquiries for each hotel
  • Increase brochure downloads for each hotel
  • Drive wedding bookings, including exclusive use, for each hotel


As the market for luxury wedding venues near London is fiercely competitive, we knew we had to stand out. Our content and design teams set about creating a striking campaign which incorporated the signature personality of the Alexander Hotels brand.

We launched a multi-channel campaign which focused on creating awareness of the luxury wedding venues and driving traffic into the wedding enquiry pages of their new conversion-led website.

From an organic point of view, we created a different Hotel Transfer Tool for each hotel on the website, which showcased the very best each venue had to offer.

Alongside this, we launched target-audience-optimised paid Instagram and Facebook Ads, as well as Display Ads, Retargeting Ads, and an AdWords Campaign.


  • £45,050 estimated wedding revenue
  • 8,797 clicks through to the website
  • 106 enquiries through the website
  • 1,201 total wedding leads through the website

“Our main goal was to drive wedding enquiries online. We knew we had the platform, we just needed the right quality of traffic to be exposed initially to an ad, and then to information about each Alexander Hotel and what it can offer as a wedding venue. We used a multi-channeled, integrated promotion to drive potential wedding bookers into the respective wedding landing pages, and by using a simple Hotel Transfer Tool to promote a free glass of fizz with every booking, we gave the user an extra reason to book a showaround!”

Kane Wheatley, Head of Digital Marketing