How to Make Sure Your Hotel is “AI-enabled”

Tuesday 27th February 2018


So, the hot topic for 2018: artificial intelligence.

What is it? How can it help my hotel? Will I see a return on my investment? What value does it provide? All of these questions will be answered below. But first and foremost, the mentality of AI needs to be that of planting a seed. You don’t just “do AI…”, you need to ensure you have the facilities and capabilities to become an “AI-enabled” hotel or resort.

If you’re looking for ROI, then yes you will get it. However, this isn’t the key focus or objective of introducing artificial intelligence to your property or website. AI produces answers and solutions based on what it thinks might be of use to the end user.

Take live chat for example. Journey currently has an AI live chat solution called Message & Book that can sit on your website and answer queries, generate leads, and engage and interact with users visiting the site. The last part is key: engagement and interaction. This is what AI is all about and this is how our Message & Book feature can help your business.

“If you were to take a 100-year-old oak tree, dig it up, and plant it in your back garden, would it survive? No – it would die.”Benjamin Devisme

In order for an oak tree to grow, you need to plant the seed, nurture it, and enable it to grow. This is also true of integrating AI into your business. AI needs time to learn, develop, and grow to ensure as much data is acquired as possible. By taking this approach, you’ll have a much better chance of introducing any new trends and updates that come with artificial intelligence at a later date.

Key benefits of an AI live chat solution for a hotel:

  • Engagement and interaction with guests. AI live chat solutions can facilitate over 1,000 chats at any given time!
  • 24/7 availability. AI live chat solutions are cheaper than employing multiple customer service advisors.
  • Lead generation. AI live chat solutions can help generate room bookings, wedding enquiries, and much more.
  • Data capture. AI live chat solutions can also help capture clean data for future marketing activity.

When deciding whether AI can work for your hotel, ask yourself these questions:

  • Where can I find value or experience for guests?
  • What budget will AI come from: marketing or recruitment?

Once you have decided that AI is a good fit for your property or resort, you can then begin the process of integrating the technology into your hotel.

Remember, AI isn’t here to replace the human element of hospitality, it’s here to enhance it. If the intent of a question isn’t understood, there are always humans within your business that can work in partnership with your AI solution.

For more information on Journey’s Message & Book live chat solution, or to chat AI in general, please get in touch with our digital marketing team on 01242 682050.