Building Brand Loyalty

Your Brand Journey

Successful hotel and resort brands depend on a powerful and connected guest experience. Discovering your brand story and communicating a unique vision consistently across your marketing channels is the first step in turning your hotel into a successful one.

Brand strategy

Your vision

A consultancy-led experience with the foundations of your brand at the core, our brand strategy workshops will help you to discover and define your brand vision. We'll discuss your values and cultural pillars, define your ultimate aims, and dissect your audience to determine the fundamental characteristics of your brand. Brand strategies are proven to help enhance the guest experience and create loyalty amongst repeat guests. And trust us when we say that you'll walk out of the workshop with business-changing ideas for your brand.

Reflect the guest experience

Brand identity

Creating a visual voice

Fed by the outcomes of the brand strategy session, creating a brand identity is all about crafting a visual personality for your hotel or resort. From typography and logo design right through to photographic direction, we will create a visual identity for your brand that will build equity not only through recognition but also through example collateral and brand management guidelines.

Tone of voice

Talking your language

A consistent tone of voice allows new and existing guests to recognise your brand instantly through the language you use, and also determines how you speak about your brand and engage with your target audience. With a document to guide both your internal team and external partners, you can make sure that everyone representing your brand is using language in line with your values.

“The rebrand marked a new chapter for us and the reaction we’ve seen has been fantastic.”

Sharon Kinsella

Luxury Lodges

Multichannel campaigns

Making a lasting impact

When you're launching your new brand, a special event, or an extra important promotion, you need to stand out from the crowd and make yourself memorable. Our brand campaigns are multidimensional and involve everything from business cards and branded clothing right through to bespoke apps and experiential videography.

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Brand strategy document
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Brand identity guidelines
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Brand and digital asset management
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Branded campaign concepts
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Brand experiences and activations