The Team

Innovation, collaboration and technology

We're known for integrating forward-thinking technology and commercially-minded strategies for luxury hospitality brands around the world. Our team are experts in the luxury travel market and leaders in their respective fields, which positions us well to overcome the painpoints that hoteliers face, and build international presence. With our entrepreneurial spirit, decades of experience, and business acumen, we continue to maximise financial growth for our clients and disrupt the hospitality marketplace.

Amy Deacon

Ed Davies

Lydia Reed

James Slater

Josie Atkinson

Charlie Heavey

Ffion Kelly

Edd Boulton

Phil Roberts

Claire Lack

Thomas Davis

Jordan Holmes

Tanya Akther

Helen Burks

Sean Clarke

Melissa Woodley

Becky Hurley

Lina Sclano

Bex Wilkins

Jo Pitlock

Sam Cant

Lottie Woolnough-Rai

Zoe McFarland

Joe Griffiths

Martin Newenham

Laura Masling

Ross Hannis

Sam Townend

Anthony Hewlett

Matt Miller

Bobbie Hiscock

Greig Hannis

Andras Fekete

Joe Sergeant

Kenny Foster

Llamara Swann

Becca Pearson

Emma Marrett

Sam Phelps

Tzara Marriot

Adam White

Camilla Walley

David Stubbins

Andi Olssen

Melissa Kane

Sarah Jordan

Phil Culkin

Lloyd Sutton

Eve Matthews

Will Clayton

Kay Colling

Ella Coan

Roxanne Warburton