A Digital Journey, Cotswold Inns & Hotels

Tuesday 13th October 2015

At Journey we work with a range of hotel clients, including hotel groups. This can pose additional challenges when it comes to website creation as we strive to always capture the story behind each property and it's own unique offering.


When we began working with Cotswold Inns & Hotels the team wanted to ensure the essence of each individual property shone through within the group website. By working closely at all levels with the group, we created a website that not only works well technically, but gives customers the full story behind the brand.

Nadine Linington, Sales and Marketing Director at Cotswold Inns & Hotels, shared with us why she chose to work with Journey.

Q: What was your motivation for building a new website?

A: When we decided to make the investment in a new website for our business there were a number of aspects we felt were important. For us it was not just making sure our website was technically up to date and doing the best for our business in that sense. We also wanted to find a company prepared to invest its time in delving into our history and story. It took around 6 months for us to settle on a company, and of course that was Journey.

At the start of our search we found all the businesses took very different approaches and the project was quite demanding as we required an entire overhaul of our entire website.

Q: How did you select your digital agency?

A: Throughout the pitches the one thing that really turned me to Journey was the innovative thinking, which captured my interest from the beginning.

When we met with Journey what really struck me was the way in which they wanted to know about us as a company, and while I could tell they had the technical know-how, it was this element that was crucial to us.

The process of building the website is very organic and through creation of a persona and the branding stages we felt they captured what we were about. This was so important to the owners of our business as it’s vital to us that the personal side of our company and what we offer was clearly expressed, as well as aspects such as the website being built as responsive and usable on all devices. I think it was this vision that captured our attention.

The one thing that really turned me to Journey was the innovative thinking, which captured my interest from the beginning.

Nadine Linington, Sales and Marketing Director, Cotswold Inns and Hotels

Q: How did the team ensure your website captured the right message for your business?

A: In terms of the creative element, the team also hit the nail on the head capturing the essence of Cotswold Inns & Hotels, and that was because they took the time to understand the properties and visit them.

It’s important for our business that while each of our 8 properties is individual and within a geographical area that could place it in competition within the group, that they are all represented properly and fully on our website.

Our website has now gone live and I have no doubt it will increase our revenue intake and generate higher levels of conversion.

Q: How is Journey assisting your digital marketing offering going forward?

A: As a wider business it was also attractive that Journey had all elements of marketing integrated under one roof, so as we engage with a different aspect of the business we know we can do it with people we trust and who understand what Cotswold Inns & Hotels is all about.

Currently we are working with the team to further our digital marketing. With the knowledge Journey has already gathered about our business we know they can bring the right message to the table with all our digital marketing and ensure it is integrated with our website and brand, which should push our business in the right direction

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