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Revolutionising e-commerce within the luxury hospitality and travel sector.

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We think it’s vital that hoteliers offer a digital shopping experience that meets the needs of their guests. Our industry has a wide range of products to sell, from spa experiences to table bookings, yet there is nothing on the market to enable guests to book, manage, and navigate their way through everything at one time.

Introducing OneJourney – the online reservation platform that simplifies the booking process to just one basket, one checkout, and one purchase. OneJourney is a first for hospitality where guests can browse, book and buy multiple services in a single transaction.

Our technology can also decrease your operational overheads by integrating with industry-leading hotel operating systems, leaving your staff to focus on what they do best, face-to-face guest relations and services.

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eCommerce Platform - OneJourney™

The only true eCommerce platform for hotels and resorts

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/ 02

Content Management System - Hotel CMS™

The world's only content management platform built exclusively for hoteliers.

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Customer Portal - Hotel Lobby™

Access and manage all of your digital marketing assets and data quickly and effectively in one central place

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Hotel Marketing Calendar™

Helping you plan activities, spot opportunities and enhance customer engagement.

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Data Dashboards - Hotel Insight™

Custom-built dashboards that turn big data into bite-sized, digestible information.

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Email Marketing - Departures™

A fully-optimised and feature-rich email marketing platform for hoteliers

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Digital Asset Management - Suitcase™

Access to all of your digital media via one centralised and easy-to-use portal.

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